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Who is Satan?

Satan is a multifaceted being. He has many names such as; Lucifer, Set, Ahriman, Iblis, Pan, Sheitan, the Antichrist and more. Each culture and religion have its own version of the Devil, but the Devil is a concept as well as an entity. Satan is beyond a concept, He is the embodiment of what a devil represents. Satan is beyond good and evil; He cannot be limited by human values and ideations. You will find Satan in the shadows of night, in the remaining light of a sunset. Satan lives in the air you breathe and the water you bathe in. He is nature personified and He cannot be contained. Abrahamic religions have tried for millennia to contain the beast of man, to restrict our very nature that makes us human. Abrahamic religions are anti knowledge, anti-freedom and strive to tread on self-expression, the the very thing that Lucifer stood up against. Satan is an advocate for humanity.

(This is why I find the path of Anti-cosmic Satanism and Reverse Christianity to be contradictory).

Satan IS the god of humanity, and ruler of Earth. Some Satanists do believe in the biblical tale of Lucifer being exiled from heaven, but some don’t. Some Satanists who have found Satan later after leaving Christianity usually have this belief. No one is right or wrong because the Will of Satan cannot be argued with. No Satanist has the right to tell another that their perspective is wrong. We don’t all agree on the origins of Satan or how He came into existence. Trying to find answers in absolutely everything is for people who cannot stand the unknown. Some of us, including myself, believe that Satan is primordial and has always existed. What we do all agree on is that Satan is a powerful and misunderstood being, who’s story has been manipulated and obscured to fit the narrative of opposing religions. The media and education systems are flooded with Christian propaganda, with the whole purpose of smearing who Satan really is. Satan is the most powerful being in this cosmic existence which is why every opposing god or religion seeks the desolation of Him. Abrahamic religions are so threatened by Satan’s power that they use His name as a scapegoat for every wrongdoing in the world. So next time you hear something negative about Satan or the Demons, consider the source and the motive.


Satan is a god of chaos, destruction, death, renewal and rebirth. He is a god of war, revenge, justice and balance. He will help you regain personal power and to heal those deep wounds within. Satan will rebuild your heart and mind as you shed old skin and debris. He is intense, dark and unsettling at times. He is fierce and will remove all obstacles and distractions that get in your way. He abides by no rules and will continue to cleanse you from the inside and out, until you are ready to join Him in his Kingdom. There is no denying that Satan is a dark force, but He is capable of everything. Satan is a god of love, compassion and He will nurture you like you are a plant growing. He will give you what you need, even though sometimes it may not always be what you want. He will not coddle you or hold your hand through everything. He will lend you the time and empathy you need to push through difficulties, but He is not there to save you or pick you up at every beck and call. Satan teaches us to be self-sufficient, to live responsibly and to think critically. The satanic path is a solitary one and so one of our many lessons as Satanists, is to be comfortable in that solitude.

Satan is a god of moderation, who teaches us to make decisions based on what is right for us as individuals. Yes, it is important to be selfish and to do what makes us feel good, but sometimes those things can have a negative affect later. Satanism isn’t just about doing whatever you want, whenever you want to do it. Unfortunately, there are some satanic organisations out there that have tenants or a code of conduct, so to speak, which completely water down what it means to live a satanic life. Organisations which are known to be atheistic and, in my opinion, nothing more. I have an article discussing atheistic Satanism in depth and my issues with it. Theistic Satanism is about living a life that is pleasing to you in part, but more importantly, it is about fulfilling Satan’s Will. Doing the Devils work on earth.  

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