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What is Luciferianism?

Luciferianism can be split into two categories of atheistic and theistic, just like Satanism. I have come across a lot more Luciferians who have a spiritual view of Lucifer and consider themselves to be theistic. The atheistic Luciferians follow a path like atheistic Satanism, except they focus on the entity of Lucifer, being something separate to Satan. Luciferianism is a

Left-Hand path practice, that utilises magick and occultism to achieve spiritual goals. It focuses on enlightenment, spiritual ascension and becoming like Lucifer, with his help and guidance. Luciferians tend to have a more eclectic practice, many of whom work with angels along the way. Although it is a spiritual path and commitment is given, Luciferians generally do not

worship Lucifer as a creator or primordial god. The practitioners will often perform rituals and ceremonies while working with a variety of beings.

The rituals are usually focused on self-improvement, gaining knowledge, seeking transformation and the evolution of the spiritual body.

Offerings are given to Lucifer or pacts are made in exchange for his assistance throughout the Luciferian journey.


The Luciferian path is like spiritual Satanism, but different to religious Satanism or Devil Worship. Both Religious Satanism and Devil Worship, contradict the fundamental teachings of Left-Hand Path occultism. The religious worship of Satan is very different to working with Lucifer in an occult practice. I have seen people online declare that Luciferianism is the exact same thing as theistic Satanism when they couldn’t be more different. The number one difference is that Satanism is the focus on Satan, whereas Luciferianism is the focus on Lucifer. This is why some occult practitioners believe Satan and Lucifer are entirely separate beings.

Are Satan and Lucifer the same being?

This isn’t something anyone can definitively answer, and anyone who tries to dictate such a thing is a fool. No one can decide what the truth is of these gods. We can only know our own experiences and share what we have learned through reliable study, cross referencing and looking at sources of different opinions. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you study, or how many books you read on the subject, because your personal experience with a god is your ultimate truth. What Satan or Lucifer shares with you, is for you, and it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else. Many people believe that they are separate as I’ve said and with good reason, I think. Lucifer has a very different energy to what I know Satan has. Lucifer feels younger than Satan and has a musky scent. Lucifer is often guarded and likes to keep to himself more.

He has the energy of a wolf, protective of his pack, but is often found in peaceful solitude. He isn’t a god of war as such and would prefer to resolve issues in a civil manner. Satan on the other hand, is quite the contrary.


While Lucifer is known to be the morning star, the light bearer and beacon of enlightenment, Satan is the prince of engulfing darkness. Satan is very old to me, but not in a frail or decrepit sort of way that the word old typically makes you think. He is dangerously warm, like a roaring firepit at war with wind. Satan smells like burning wood and spices, but not in a sweet way. There are many ways to experience these gods that showcase their differences, and there are many alike that show similarities. I believe that they are one in the same, that they are aspects of the same high being. They are light and dark unified. Together they are balance. I think the original symbol of Baphomet, or the Goat of Mendes, depicts the unification of Satanas-Luciferi perfectly.

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