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Devil Worship


The term Devil Worshipper gets a bad rep among society through fault of opposing religions, Hollywood, horror films, news outlets and overall, just ignorant folk. Even among the witchcraft community there is misinformation.

I have seen many witches, wiccans and pagans’ shudder and fill with frustration when someone who is unfamiliar with the occult, asks if they worship the Devil. They refute this possibility entirely and tell the person that the Devil doesn’t exist, or that only Christians believe in Him. I don’t wholly blame this group of people for thinking this when its true that they don’t know anything about the Devil in the first place. Some theistic Satanists avoid this label because of its negative connotations; however, I think this is a mistake. No matter how you view Satan or what your relationship with Him is like, He is a devil within every culture and religion. The Devil has many names so be mindful not to restrict your perspective on Him as Satan only. To many devotees, He first appeared to us as Satan or Lucifer. There is often discord online regarding Satan-Lucifer being the same or separate being, which I wont discuss on this form. I believe avoiding this label to be a mistake because the Devil IS an aspect of Satan and to be a proud Satanist, you must accept all facets and challenges that come along with this path. There is nothing to be ashamed of or hide from. I think if you reject this label or have reservations towards it, then you are not ready to commit to the satanic path. It takes courage, determination and absolute loyalty to Satan. If you are worried about what people will think of you, then that is something you should work through before dedicating yourself to the dark current.


The role of a Devil Worshipper is in the title. It does depend on your culture and what name you know Satan by. For some they may worship Him as Ahriman, Iblis or Shaitan. The Christian bible dictates that demons are known to be devils so if you follow a more reverse Christian practice, you could worship any of the demons as your patron deity and be a devil worshipper, or diabolist. This way of life revolves around your patron Devil and everything you do is an act of worship.

It involves daily practice, prayers, rituals, pacts, devotion, discipline and commitment. Contrary to popular belief, being a Devil Worshipper does not involve human sacrifice. It also does not involve heinous crimes against children or animals. Of course, these things have happened and still do in some cultures, but it is not a requirement. Satan does not encourage illegal acts or to restrict the free will of another. It would be quite silly to risk losing your own freedom by taking away the life of another. Afterall, how can you do the Devils work if you are locked in prison cell! Obviously, I am just making light of a very dire prospect. Most diabolists live in harmony with the earth and animals. Generally, they are compassionate people with many passions and interest that would be seen as ‘normal’ in society. There will always be cases of  extremism, just like in any other religion or political group. There are often blasphemous acts to offend opposing religions of the Abrahamic god such as black masses on Christian holidays.


To claim the title as a Diabolist, you believe in a literal Devil. An entity who is beyond good and evil as you understand these things are human constructs. The Devil teaches you how to break such concepts and revaluate everything that society has attempted to indoctrinate you with. The Devil encourages pleasure, attaining your goals and fulfilling desires. The Devil exists within us as well as outside. His essence lives in all humans, and we have the potential to conquer in His power but only a few are chosen to be His warriors.

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