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What is Theistic Satanism?

Theistic Satanism is an umbrella term to describe a spiritual practice or person, believing in Satan as a literal entity. As a devotee of this path, it is of my view that Theistic Satanism is the true satanic path and should not need to be differentiated from Satanism as a whole. When you google what Satanism is, you will find much information only discussing atheistic Satanism. You’ll find links to organisations such as The Satanic Temple and The Church of Satan. Many people are under the impression that these two organisations, speak for Satanism entirely or even on behalf of Satan Himself.

The difference between these organisations isn’t that important. If you want to become an atheistic satanist, then you have found yourself on the wrong site.

The difference between Atheistic Satanism and Theistic Satanism, is that one acknowledges the existence of Satan as a spiritual being, and the other sees Satan as a symbol of rebellion. Atheistic Satanism is nothing more than an aesthetic. It mocks and denies the existence of a god whose name is used to achieve popularity, monetary gain, and egotistical validation. I am tired of these people who use Satan’s name for shock value or to piss off their Christian aunt. As you can probably tell, I am not a fan. Still, there are more important arguments to be had and I know Satan wants me to talk on topics that are less confrontational. That being said, if you identify as a Non-Theistic Satanist and you understand and respect that Theistic Satanists exist, then I have no issue with you at all. 


Each Theistic Satanist has a unique connection with Satan and will use different labels or titles to define their practice. It is a deeply personal practice that allows you to become your best self and to live a fulfilling life. Theistic Satanism requires commitment, dedication, study and certain personality traits to make it through the toughest of times. It is not an easy road, and it is not a path of love and light.

Theistic Satanism is about the reverence for Infernal Gods, the honouring of Satan and His Daemonic realm. Many Theistic Satanists will devote themselves and their entire life to serve Satan. Often, they will also work with and worship a Daemon that calls them. You will find some devotes who have a stricter practice, with more extreme views than others. Some of us refuse to partake in Christmas and Easter, whereas some do not mind these holidays.


Many Satanists I have come across online only use the term 'Theistic Satanist' to describe themselves, not realising that it is an umbrella term for a variety of paths.

I would like to clear this up to help people find what resonates most with them…


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