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Tenants of Satan

It’s important to note that the nature of Satan cannot be contained or restricted by a code of conduct dictated by mere human beings. Some satanic organisations which are atheistic, have published their own set of tenants that are encouraged across the community. I believe that if you are a Diabolist and a devotee of Satan, you should create your own moral code and values to live by. Satan gave us free will, and so it is up to us how we go about our path in life. I think it is nonsense to follow satanic statements dictated by someone else, especially when that dictator isn’t even a follower of Satan.

I encourage you as a devotee of Satan, to challenge yourself and reflect on your personal values.

What matters to you? What do you think is important in life? What has Satan got planned for you? Most importantly, how does Satan want you to live? Only through self-analysis and spending time with Satan will you find this out. If you are new to the satanic path, it may be useful to reach out to other Satanists who can guide you here but ultimately, you must figure this out yourself. Commune with Satan and demonstrate autonomy, always.

My personal tenants are unique to me as I have catered them to suit me, my values and my relationship with Satan. Our tenants or guidelines for life should be unique to us, just as our relationships with Satan are unique. If you are looking to learn about Satanism and would like an idea of what personal tenants can look like, I invite you to read through mine and take inspiration. My satanic codes may not resonate with you, and they don’t have to. Some of them might and I hope if they do, they can motivate you to create your own. Do not blindly follow me and what I do, because I am not Satan, and it is He who you should follow.

In my first book I will give personal examples of how I follow through with each tenant.

These tenants may change slightly or the ways in which I describe them may change over time,

but the first will always be as is.


1. Devotion to Satan

This tenant is the most important as without it, all others would be meaningless. It means that Satan is my absolute priority and my love for Him shall never cease. I am devoted to Him in this lifetime and in every lifetime hereafter.  Showing up every day as a proud Satanist and facing conflict that comes with my beliefs without backing down in shame. Being devoted is willingly giving my life to live in Satan’s service. A decision that is sincere and comes from love, because I love Satan and want to serve Him. Showing devotion to Satan is a daily practice that is a joy and a privilege. Satan is my anchor in all I do and I give Him my gratitude every day for this honour that is to be His. Devotion is more than praying each day. It is more than giving Him your blood or making promises. Being devoted is about commitment, following through with your word and putting in the effort to spend time with Satan.

It is easy to recite a prayer from a book and call it a day. It is easy to make a promise and even offer your blood. It is easy to buy a pentagram necklace and call yourself a Satanist, but it is hard to maintain a practice if it isn't your true passion. Being devoted comes from the heart, it is about worship and loyalty to no end. The path of a diabolist is a challenging one which includes sacrifice and dismay. It is a path that requires devotion. Satanism is more than a religion to me, it is embedded into my every day. It is a lifestyle, and it governs all of what I do.



2. Taking care of yourself

Care, love, awareness and improvement of the self

This tenant is the foundation for what is to follow because it requires me to understand who I am, set boundaries and be willing to grow. Loving yourself is important for anyone, but for a Satanist it is different because not only are you loving yourself, but you are loving and appreciating the essence of 0f Satan’s which runs through you. To dishonour yourself, to treat yourself unkindly or detrimentally, would be like treating Satan in the same way. You are His child and His blood flows through you like air does through trees. Satan gave you the gift of human life, to experience a powerful existence on His earth and I believe it is important we celebrate this. Of course we have difficulties and at times, poor mental health. Some of us will suffer emotional or physical trauma which can alter our whole world, in the short term, and long term. 


I believe that self-awareness is a vital skill for any Satanist to have, because with this we can reflect, learn, heal and renew ourselves. Not blaming Satan for when things go wrong and accepting that sometimes things just happen to us. There is no one to blame and sometimes, no quick fix. Self-love for me is about recognising how incredible and powerful I am as a daughter of Satan and as a human being. Knowing my beauty, appreciating my personality and what makes me unique. For me, self-care is about taking care of my body as well as seeing it's beauty. You can look at a plant and call it beautiful, but if you don’t water it, it will wilt. Improvement or personal development is the commitment to learning about yourself. Being open to feedback when it is in your best interest, making personal changes for the better, even if you find it hard. Self-improvement for me looks like challenging the decisions I make, taking responsibility and learning from my mistakes.


3. The pursuit of knowledge and wisdom

Expanding your mind as a human being, shows strength in the Satanist. Being willing to understand the perspective of an opposing view, shows resilience and self-control. How could we learn if we were never presented with a differing opinion? Always ask questions. Keep a curious eye. Be like the Raven, an intelligent but cunning being. Be like the wolf, an animal of courage and comfortability in solitude. Learn from animals, learn from nature and others around you. You do not have to agree with everyone, and they don’t have to give you respect. You are allowed to have your opinions and to share them, but you must accept what may come with that. Self-discipline and choosing moderation in relation to our health and wellbeing. Satanism isn’t just about doing whatever we want and having fun. This modern idea waters down the real meaning of a deeply spiritual practice. Satanism is a path that requires commitment and a willingness to learn. Traditional Devil Worship was always about magick, and accepting your birth right to explore whatever quest the Devil set for you. Embody the balance of Baphomet, channel the energy of a Midsummer moon and embrace the equilibrium of light and dark. Day and night resemble our innermost being, our shadow self and our Luciferian light.


4. Showing up in our community

The satanic path can be lonesome and some of us feel this more than others. There are satanic covens or groups around, but they are few and far between. The goal of a Satanist should not be to find home in people or to be part of a community. This is something that you may find along your journey. The goal is to be with Satan, to do His work until He brings you home to His Kingdom. That said, there is nothing wrong with having meaningful human connections, especially with your satanic siblings. It can be daunting at first to find your community and reach out, but it is worth it. Showing up for others can look different for each of us and it is up to you to find out how you can benefit fellow children of Satan. Offer your council to those who need it, educate and teach all about Satanism. You could make social media content about Satan that will encourage others. Check in with the Satanists you know, offer them support and ask what you can do to help. You could find an online group for theistic Satanists and make yourself known there, or even create your own. I believe it is important to find our own way here and do what we feel we can do best. You are never alone as Satan is always with you and there is a community waiting for you.


5. Fulfilling Satan’s Will

This tenant relates to your purpose here on Earth as you do the Devils work. This may sound scary or overwhelming if you are new to Satanism and I promise, it can be. It requires sacrifice, hard work, determination and resilience. There is no easy way through, and you better quit now if that’s what you are hoping for. When you dedicate your life to Satan and sign your name in blood, you are making an ever-binding commitment to serve His Will. What Satan wishes for you, is different to what He wishes for me. No relationship is the same and the work we do for Him, depends on our abilities, our strengths and talents. Satan will use your creative skills in any way He sees fit, and in any way, He knows you can handle. Think about what you are good at. Is it writing? Are you good at art? Craftsmanship? Teaching or educating people? There is something unique to us all and Satan wants us to tap into that strength, bring it forth and share His essence through it. It’s easier said than done as it is a process of learning and building skill. Some of us will have self-doubt and may even sabotage our plans several times (me included). You may steer away from your purpose throughout your life due to mental health struggles, poor physical health, career difficulties and other circumstances that disturb your spiritual practice. If you have children and find that you don’t have time or the energy to do Satan’s work, then go to Him. Do not make promises based on a timeline. Do not put pressure on yourself to write a book within six months if you have a full-time job and children to care for. Be realistic and set achievable goals.

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