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Spiritual Satanism

A spiritual satanist is a Theistic Satanist, who believes Satan to be an energetic force of some kind. They experience Satan as a guiding hand through life. The individual recognises Satan as a powerful being who offers them council and support, and some see Him as a god. The spiritual Satanist is a student of Satan, He is their teacher and a friend like figure. This relationship isn’t religious and although there is a level of devotion, the spiritual Satanist does not worship Satan as such. The individual will likely work with other spirits or gods outside of the Infernal, and they may not ask Satan for His permission before doing so. This connection doesn’t always require a dedication ritual because typically, a dedication ritual is done by Satanists who are bound to Satan for their entire life and reoccurring lives. It entirely depends on your relationship, your intentions and long-term goals.


Being a spiritual Satanist is still a commitment, but it is often based on mutual exchange. This relationship can involve short term contracts and pact making. The Satanist tends to view Satan as a high Daemon and seeks to learn something specific from Him, so in return, the Satanist could agree to give an offering of blood every week or produce something tangible. Spiritual Satanism appeals to the occultists and magicians who wish to ascend and grow in their witchcraft practices. As it doesn’t require worship, and it isn’t a religious path, these Satanists may wish to work with angels alongside Satan. This topic is a controversial one that I find myself debating a lot. If you do not have that religious connection with Satan, and view Him as an equal to other beings, then I assume that is why you think you can pick and choose. Personally, I don’t agree with doing this. As a Devil Worshipper, I believe in the spiritual warfare between Satan and the Abrahamic god. This includes the Daemonic and angelic. In my experience, neutrality doesnt exist.


A spiritual Satanist may not have a soul mission to do Satan’s work or a Will to fulfil. The individual probably doesn’t dedicate certain days to Satan, and they may not consider Satan in every decision they make. Generally, Spiritual Satanists view Satan as a high being who does not require worship. What I have noticed is that this label is commonly used within the Left Hand Path and occult community, as well as Luciferians. Spiritual Satanism does involve ritual work, self-development, giving offerings, making promises and pacts. Offerings are most often transactional as the individual is looking to learn or receive something in return. This doesn’t mean that their intentions are insincere or that they are using Satan for purely selfish reasons. Respect and commitment are needed for this connection to manifest, and it takes time to build a relationship. 

Before I became a Religious Satanist, I was a Spiritual Satanist and before that I was agnostic, and before that I was a LaVeyan Satanist. This path is a long, crooked and transformative one. You will find yourself changing all the time, and this is part of the process. Some people will stay on one path their whole life. You may not resonate with religious practices, or like the idea of worship. You do not need to worship Satan to be considered a Satanist. Like I mentioned, Spiritual Satanism doesn't require worship. If that is the path you feel drawn too, go for it. It is a transactional relationship, therefore Satan still gains something from His connection with you. You have free will to decide which path is yours. Although I don't agree that working with angelic forces if you a Satanist of any kind is a good idea, Satan cannot be held against His will. If he wishes to work with someone that dabbles in the light, that is of His discretion. There will be a reason for it, and that is none of my business.


Remember that I am a Religious Satanist, and I believe in the spiritual warfare between Satan's Kingdom and the house of Jehovah, therefore I will never advocate for honouring angels, which is what you must do to work with them. I try to stay out of the online drama circulating this topic now, but when necessary I will share my opinion. 

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