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Serving The Black Flame was created as an offering for Satan and the Demons.

In 2014 I found LaVeyan Satanism, which lead me to study witchcraft and the occult. 2018 was the year I first heard the Demons whisper to me, and in 2020 I dedicated my life to Satan. My satanic path has been a slow evolving one, creating deep and strong roots. Since solidifying my connection with Satan, I have come to learn many things about myself, my childhood and past lives. I know that Satan has always been with me, since I was a child and before. In a previous life, I died as a young witch who was persecuted, hunted and tortured for playing with witchcraft and talking to goats.

A woman who lived in my village caught me praying to the Devil and reported me to my local priest who then confronted me. I was given a choice to repent, be baptised and accept Christ, but I refused. Satan has shared much with me, and I know there is so much more to learn from Him. When I first dedicated myself to the Devil, it was a familiar feeling. It was a homecoming, in which I remembered who I have always been. A child of Satan. 


is not going to resonate with those

who follow atheistic satanic organisations.

This site is for Theistic Satanists who need further reading on their spiritual path. I always say to go to Satan first because what He wishes for you is most important. Sometimes it is nice to have extra support from another human, someone like you who can reassure and validate your experiences. Being a Satanist is the greatest honour, but it comes with challenges and difficulties that you will have to work through. This is not an easy road, but being by Satan’s side in His Infernal Kingdom, is worth it all. There is no feeling like the electrical surge of love He pumps through our veins. Satan is not second best to anyone or anything. He is not to be or even can be replaced. He is impossible to compare and if you know Him, you know this too.

 As mentioned, this site is for Theistic Satanists. If you have come here out of curiosity rather than religious beliefs, then you may not know what this means. Theistic Satanism IS Satanism. We believe in Satan as a literal being. A God. He is to be worshipped and adored like any other. Theistic Satanism is an umbrella term that someone will identify with if they believe in Satan as a god or high deity. Some call themselves Spiritual Satanists, some Religious or Traditional Satanists, some are Polytheistic Satanists and there are Anti Cosmic Satanists which is less heard of. The differences between each are either minor or vast, it all depends on how the devotee views Satan and what commitments they have made to Him. Another sect within Satanism is Reverse Christianity, which is quite literally how it sounds. All in all, we are Devil Worshippers, whether you like the term or not. Satan IS the Devil.


 In the new year of 2023, I set intentions to focus on all that feeds my heart with purpose, pleasure and passion. I knew it was time for Satan to manifest through me, to use my hands to create and share His essence with the world in a way unseen before. Each of His devotees, have a unique purpose that cannot be matched. Much like Satan Himself, He has many talents, abilities and qualities that we all learn from differently. As children of Satan, we all share His black unholy flame. Yet each child is home to differently shaped embers. I believe that my purpose is to create and share. To use my creative mind in any way that feels natural, and to then share what I have made with others who know Satan, and/or with those who have not yet realised Satan is calling. Writing has always been a joy for me, especially poetry and general essays on subjects I love. 

Satan has given me a nudge to write for him for a while now. I promised myself and I promised Satan that 2023 would be the year that I do His work. For the past few years, I have made YouTube and TikTok videos dedicated to sharing His lessons with the internet. While at times this has been great, recently I have become unmoved by it. Satan was again nudging me, and I knew it was time to start something else. This is why I created this website, to use the internet in a way that is helpful and wholesome. Not to say that if you do create YouTube or TikTok videos, you aren’t doing meaningful work. I still create content on those sites, and I enjoy it. I just mean that my intentions and plans evolved. We all have something to offer, and our abilities are different. Some of us have access to things that others do not and some of us have made different commitments to Satan.  I want to focus on Satan and only what is important to share.


 I realised we needed more resources for our community and from following Marie Ravensoul for some years, adoring her website - In Satan’s Honour - inspired me to create my own. I encourage you to use the gifts you have, to share who Satan is. We need more satanic authors, artists, advocates and all others who want to share, who have a niche that Satan can speak through. This is your power, and we need to see it. It is imperative that we encourage this of our community. There is space for you and what you have to offer is valuable.

I thank you for taking the time to explore my website as it is something I have put a lot of love into. You do not have to agree with everything or even anything at all.

I hope my writing brings you closer to Satan in some way, or that it opens your mind to understanding Satan differently.

I wish you good luck through your satanic path. It will be an intense one.

Infernal Blessings,

Amethyst Abyss Satanica ⛧

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