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Symbols of Satan

Symbols are important for everyone to an extent, beyond religious and occult communities. Symbols can be worn, which offers a personal introduction without the need to speak. They can bring comfort and act as a reminder for when we feel lost or alone. This is no different for the Satanist.


Symbolism is such a huge aspect of my life, my practice, my personality, and appearance. Satanic symbols are an anchor in all that I do, as they are a conduit of sorts, for Satan’s essence to speak through. Not all Satanists feel connected to the same symbols, some of us will use more than others, or not at all. Spiritual Satanists will likely have a preference of certain symbols that Anti-cosmic Satanists avoid, or don’t feel drawn too. Some of us utilise the Sigil of Lucifer, whereas some Satanists do not. There is no right or wrong because this is an individual path, and Satan will speak to you through certain signs and symbols for a reason. When I was a child, Satan used the Inverted Cross and the Leviathan Cross to speak to me through therefore, these symbols will always hold meaning to me.

The symbols you will find listed below, are either symbols that I personally use and feel connected to,
or they are common within the satanic community I am part of.
This isn't a comprehensive list, nor do I explain each symbol and its origins in great depth. 

The Inverted Crucifix or Upside Down Cross

There’s somewhat of a divide in the Satanic community regarding this symbol because many Satanists find it to be ‘cringe’ or simply unsatanic, due to the history surrounding St. Peter and his inverted crucifixion. I do think this is a fair argument however, to those of us who use the symbol, this piece of history is irrelevant. The standard upside-down cross isn’t used as often as some variations, some of which you can see in the images below. I especially like to use and wear imagery of christ on his inverted cross, this way there is no confusion or misunderstanding concerning St. Peter etc. To me, and I know many other Satanists, use, or wear the inverted crucifix as an act of blasphemy towards the Abrahamic god. It is a visual rejection of christ and his teachings, to offend and mock the Christian law of sin and repentance. It is a symbol to praise the Antichrist and spiritual warfare. Anti-cosmic Satanists and Reverse Christians are more likely to use this symbol than a Spiritual Satanist but that isn’t a rule.

The Inverted Pentagram

The pentagram represents all five elements coming together in unison. Air, water, fire, earth, and spirit. It is commonly used by witches and pagans, but lots of other people who don’t know the meaning wear it as well. When the pentagram is inverted, this is believed to be associated with masculine energy of the gods. Satanists use this symbol as the outline of it can be likened to the shape of a goat, representing Satan as well as Baphomet. The pentagram above depicted with a goats head, is not the same as the Sigil of Baphomet. It may have taken inspiration from the sigil, but they are quite different and this does confuse some people. A goat is an animal of carnal energy, determination, strength and nature. The pentagram is where all elements come to meet, and the two combined doesn't inherently equal Baphomet. A generic goats head as shown above, is missing many focal points that Baphomet was designed to have. 

The Leviathan Cross

This symbol has several names such as the Leviathan Cross, Satan’s Cross, and the Sigil of Sulphur. It was popular among members of the Church of Satan and was used within the Satanic Bible. The symbol compiles a double cross and an infinity sign. Although we aren’t sure who created it, we do know that it was made to mock the Christian Cross. To some it is known as the symbol of sulphur, or the Brimstone Symbol which both are associated with the Infernal, Demonic realms.

Sigil of Lucifer

Used by Luciferians, occultists, and some Satanists. The Sigil of Lucifer was first documented in 1517, in the Judeo-Christian Grimoirium Verum (Grimoire of Truth). This was a practical guide on invoking Lucifer as well as other Daemons but of course because this grimoire was based on a Christian perspective, the methods, and rituals within the text, are not favourable or ethical towards the Infernal Spirits. This sigil is seen as an instrument, and a way to connect with Lucifer through visual invocation. Many Luciferians and Satanists use the symbol as an emblem and reminder of their practice, beliefs, and way of life. Each Luciferian will have their own meaning and reason for using it.

Satan's Sigil

This particular sigil was created by the popular youtuber Behemoth-X and many occultists use it today in their practice. Personally, I believe that you should create your own sigil that is personal between you and Satan. Satan may even show what this sigil will be through dreams. There is power in well known symbols and sigils though which is why I wanted to include it here. The more people that use a certain sigil, the more power it gains and the easier it can be used as an instrument. I do like sigils, but when it comes to Satan, He does not need such things to communicate with His devotees through. Sigils are helpful and contribute to the psychodrama of ritual spaces, they act as a taglock for a certain entity.

Goat of Mendes or Baphomet

The original Baphomet was first drawn by a French occultist named Eliphas Levi in 1854. We know what the symbol represents, but we know little about its emergence due to a loss of documentation through translation. Initially, Baphomet had nothing to do with Satanism, but today many Satanists, Luciferians, occultists, and witches use the image in their practice. Some people believe that Baphomet is a deity, and some people work with the egregore spirit of it. Some Satanists choose to draw upon the symbolism of Baphomet because it is closely linked to the energy of Satan. For example, the goats head, as many Satanists view Satan to be a goat headed figure. Baphomet represents balance, equilibrium, liminal spaces, and the in between of chaos and peace. Satan is a god of light and dark, war and victory. Satan is a god of wisdom, knowledge, and enlightenment. Baphomet wears the torch of illumination, which signifies intelligence, transcendence, and truth. Baphomet also depicts the five elements of earth, air, fire, water, and spirit, Satan’s dominion.

You can find many variations and statues of Baphomet today, much like this one -

Sigil of Baphomet

A popular symbol used by both theistic Satanists and atheistic Satanists which first appeared in 1968 on the cover of The Satanic Mass album. Some people believe that the Sigil of Baphomet was created by Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan. However, LaVey never admitted that he was the one who created the symbol. The inspiration for the sigil was the infamous Goat of Mendes, and it had more of a philosophical meaning behind it, rather than a spiritual one. Unlike other sigils or seals, the intention was not to summon or conjure Baphomet, like some people believe. Today you can find many variations of the sigil, some drawn with or without the Baphomet symbolisms.

If you find an image online like this one -
of a satanic looking goat inside a pentagram/pentacle, then it is not Baphomet.

The Devil's Trident

Believed to be Satan’s weapon, and a popular symbol cherished by the band Watain who are all Theistic Satanists.

The number 666

Otherwise known as the Number of The Beast… not all Satanists agree with this one and some dispute it completely, much like with the inverted cross. Those who practice numerology believe this is the number of an angel which could be true given that it is an even number. Satanists tend to associate odd numbers with Satan, and even numbers with angelic beings. For many of us, 666 has always been the number of the Devil. Personally, I only draw upon 666 for aesthetic purposes, rather than anything serious. I do like to feed into the evil stereotype sometimes, I can’t lie. You will find the number within satanic music and art pieces, but typically this is to invoke fear in the opposer. 666 has stuck out to me for a long time, since I was a teen and for this reason, it will always have a satanic meaning in my view.

The number 616

Believed to be the true number of Satan. It corresponds with the Black Sun, Saturn, and cosmic void. Used more by Anti-cosmic Satanists.

The Mark of Saturn

Many Satanists believe that the planet or God, Saturn is Satan. Saturn is the ruling planet of Saturday, the day that is also believed to be the day of Satan. Some Satanists celebrate Saturnalia which is a weeklong holiday in December, another pagan tradition like Yule.

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