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Satanic Sins

Is there really such thing as a satanic sin? Much like creating your own moral codes as a Satanist, it’s a suggestion of mine to create your own sins, as such. The word sin is largely associated with Christianity so I think it may be beneficial to come up with your own term. I like the word misdeed, so here are what I would call satanic misdeeds…

again, this isn’t law and you do not have to agree.


Working with angels 

It has become quite common for occultists to work with demons and angels as they claim this is for balance. I am not here to argue with them, as this is for the theistic satanists who are thinking about working with angels, because of what they see online. Angels are wretched spies of the enemy and are incredibly deceiving. Angels often attack Satan’s children, especially those who are new to Satanism and don’t have a lot of magickal knowledge.

You do not need to work with demons AND angels for balance.

I have seen occultists online advocate for bringing Archangel Michael into a room where Lucifer is present. It is absurd to think you can summon a demon or even Satan-Lucifer Himself, into a space that inhabits an angel. Demons and angels are not friends, they are of opposite energies and frequencies that will cause devastation if met on equal ground. Angels do Jehovah’s dirty work and assist in the smear campaigns against Satan, a god who you claim to worship as a theistic Satanist. I cannot fathom why any satanist would want to work with an angel, a being who continues to fight against Satan and prey for His downfall. Satan may be a god of chaos and war, but that doesn’t mean it’s acceptable to associate yourself with angelic energies. When you work with any being, you are giving them your time, respect and an element of devotion is required as you are honouring the spirit and what they can do for you.

Usually, an offering is given which needs consideration and a sacrifice of your own time and money depending on what you give.  Many traditional Satanists do believe in the biblical tale of Lucifer and the fall, where the angels conspired against Him and proved to be His enemy. You don’t have to believe in this, but I do think having respect for part of Satan’s story is important. I have experienced several angelic attacks since dedicating my life to Satan and I will touch on this in a future blog post or article. Demons are the only guide you need as an occultist; they can teach you all you need to know. Each Daemon is unique to the next and they all have something different to teach you.


Prioritising other things above Satan

This doesn’t apply to taking care of your children before attending Satan’s altar or working overtime to fund essential healthcare. This misdeed applies to catering to the beliefs of others before Satan. Hiding your relationship with Satan to please someone else. To me this misdeed could also be laziness, continuous mistakes and ignoring Satan’s signals. As someone with ADHD, I sometimes find it difficult to know when I am being lazy and when I am frozen or experiencing PDA (pathological demand avoidance). Thanks to Satan’s guidance, I am learning those differences now and what to do. Prioritising a fleeting relationship or an unhealthy friendship over Satan would be a misdeed. Not giving an offering that you promised because you want to go out that night and party with friends instead, would be a misdeed.


This may be a controversial one but, in my opinion, celebrating Abrahamic traditions with your Christian family would be a misdeed - If you are young and still live with a family who push you to celebrate certain holidays, or if you must join in because it would be unsafe not to, then that is different. If you are an independent adult with no responsibility to care for or cater to another person, then why put yourself in a situation that would be uncomfortable? Or worse, dishonours Satan? Yes, Christmas was originally a pagan holiday, the Winter Solstice or Yule in Norse traditions. Christianity stole from Pagan holidays to suit themselves. My argument is, why do you need to celebrate Christmas on December 25th as a Pagan or a Satanist? When Saturnalia is celebrated from the 17th to the 23rd, or Yule which begins around the 21st. Surly as a Satanist, Pagan or witch (identifications that aren’t mutually exclusive) you would rather stick to the original traditions and ignore Christmas? Not only is Christmas the supposed birth of Christ, but it also celebrates the forced mass conversion of Pagan folk. Wishing loved ones, a Merry Christmas only feeds the influence that this date has, whether you are Christian or not. From my experience and from what Satan has shared with me, He does not want me to engage in holidays or traditions that have Abrahamic connotations. I’ve heard some occultists say, ‘there’s nothing wrong with celebrating Christmas because it’s not even a Christian holiday anymore, it’s been watered down with consumerism / it’s just a nice day with your family and friends, it’s about love and giving’. This argument makes me feel sick because it is such a load of crap. I think, be honest and admit that you love to receive gifts and the validation you feel when someone gives you a present. At least that way, you are taking responsibility for your choices which is more respectful. Maybe I’m just being cynical, but I can’t apologise for that because this is what I believe, and you have the right to disagree. You do have free will and you can make your own choices, but I invite you to ask if those choices are in honour of Satan. I fail to see how celebrating a day that it literally named after the enemy, is an honourable thing to do.


Breaking pacts or oaths

This one should be a no brainer. There are a few reasons why this may happen, but either way, it isn’t a good thing. I have broken promises before, but never a pact or an oath. I will touch on the differences in an article that may or may not be published now as you read this. The breaking of a pact or oath is serious, and it must be made up for if you are given the chance. There are mitigating factors here such as spending time in the hospital due to poor health or an unfortunate accident. If you lose a loved one, experience a mental break, maybe you go to prison or rehab. If there is a genuine and serious reason as to why your pact was not fulfilled or oath met, then that is down to the discretion of Satan or Demon you are connected to. They will decide what happens next between you. Satan is compassionate and patient when necessary and His demons can be too but if an oath or pact is broken because of something meaningless, then you have dishonoured the Infernal which is unforgivable. There is a trend online I’ve noticed recently where a new wave of Satanists believe Satan is an unconditionally loving and forgiving God who accepts everyone no matter what. Now I just know these kids are fooling themselves for clicks and views because this is the very opposite of Satan’s nature. Satan cannot be defined by love and light, He doesn’t allow all and any strays into His Kingdom. These so-called Satanists are describing Satan to be almost exactly how Christianity describes their Christ. It is ridiculous and an insult to all Infernal. You may break an oath because you are too busy with a new romantic relationship, or you have picked up a new hobby that has nothing to do with Satan. It could be anything or anyone that you continue to give priority to, above Satan. It could be that you made an oath to Satan to write a book about Him and you agreed on a publication date. If you fail to bring this oath to fruition, there must be good reason why. Before making an oath, you need to consider exactly what you are doing and why. Are you capable of following through with it, and what if something happens to distract you. Do not make an oath on a whim. If you are a serious devote of Satan and He knows you aren’t ready to make a certain oath, He will let you know. However, if you aren’t a true devote and Satan knows your intentions, chances are that He will allow you to go through with it, because when the time comes and you fail, there will be a chain of reactions that are well deserved.


The worst of all would be breaking an oath of lifelong commitment to Satan, by walking away and turning to Christianity. Abandoning Satanism to become a Christian is the greatest misdeed. Some Satanists believe that if you do this, then you were never a Satanist to begin with. That you were never actually a child of Satan’s, because if you are, you never leave His side. Satan knows our heart. He knows our soul and true intentions. If someone breaks a pact or oath, if you walk away from Satan or His Demons then you will suffer in return. As a result of your poor decision making and insincerity, there will be consequences from all directions. If you ever made your satanic practice public on social media, then it’s likely you will receive backlash from Satan’s Devotees too. On this path, sulking and begging for forgiveness is not an option. All cannot be forgiven, so stop with the Christian like philosophy because it has no place in Satanism. Again, I will touch on this more in depth in my article relating to oaths and pact making.



Not taking responsibility for your own actions

It shouldn’t come of a surprise that taking responsibility and self-accountability in life is somewhat of a satanic creed across the board in Satanism. If you make a decision, you must accept what is to follow. If you smoke or drink alcohol long term, it’s common knowledge that these things are not good for you. I understand it can be hard to stop, my birth parents are alcoholics and I grew up with rehab and drugs being normality. My point is that if you do something, own it. Accept responsibility and learn from your mistake. If you physically attack someone, own up to it, face the consequences and rectify the situation as best you can. This doesn’t mean you can hurt people and do whatever you want if you own up to it afterwards, Satan does not advocate for this. Human life is of high value, and it should be respected. On a more serious or extreme note, if you choose to violate the life of another person, then accept responsibility and the consequences of your actions. Running away or hiding from what you have done, denying your actions or pitying yourself and playing the victim is shameful and far from who a Satanist is. Again, just to clarify, Satan does NOT advocate for this behaviour, but these things do happen (whether you are a Satanist or not).


A more relatable example of not taking responsibility for your actions this could be –

you promise Satan that you will spend the following Saturday dedicated to Him, that you will work on your oath or whatever His Will is for you. Then Friday rolls around and your friend invites you to go on a spontaneous weekend trip away which sounds exciting, plus you’ve had a rubbish week at work, so you accept. You go on this weekend trip and on Sunday evening you realise, you broke a promise. Are you going to accept responsibility for this decision and recognise that you dishonoured Satan, or are you going to blame your friend for inviting you instead? This doesn’t mean that Satan wants you to always stay home and have no friends. It doesn’t mean that you can’t go on holiday or have other commitments. Loving and enjoying your life is part of Satanism. The issue is when you make a promise of commitment, break that promise and then deny your actions or put blame elsewhere. You are allowed to live an exciting life and you have freedom, but don’t make promises that you cannot keep and if you do, go to Satan and put it right.  

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