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Satanic Rituals

Another pairing of words that have negative connotations due to the ignorant media outlets. I wish to change this view in any small way I can. If I can enlighten one person to the truth of what goes on during a Satanic Ritual, then that is worth the effort to me. Many people have the idea that our rituals involve heinous acts such as abuse, and an imbalance of power where someone falls victim to a group as a blood offering to Satan. This couldn’t be further from the truth for most Satanic covens. Of course, as I have stated before, there will always be those who fall on the extreme end of the spectrum, like anything else. Why doesn’t anyone talk about the sexual abuse caused by thousands of Catholic Priests? Or the physical abuse carried out by nuns who run all girl boarding schools? This information is all available online, along with documented and physical evidence. Society prefers to avoid this part of history, although I don’t doubt it continues today in some countries. People believe what they want to believe in, and sometimes there is no changing the mind of an ignorant fool.


What is a Satanic Ritual?

A Satanic Ritual is an act of magick or devotion, in the name of Satan. It can be complex, or simple and mundane. Typically, Satanists will perform Satanic Rituals on a regular basis however, the more elaborate ones will happen on special occasions. An example of a simple Satanic Ritual would be reciting a collection of prayers, giving an offering of incense and lighting candles. This sort of thing may be done daily by Religious Satanists, but not always. It may not even be seen as a ritual, but rather something they just do. An elaborate ritual would be done less frequently. Satanic holidays, certain astrological events or if a Satanist is re-dedicating themselves to Satan would call for an elaborate ritual setting. There isn’t a rule book, or list of requirements for a Satanic Ritual, unless you are part of a group or coven. Solitary practitioners will create their own rituals, guided by Satan’s hands. An offering and act of praise will be given, but the order in which the ritual follows is up to the person leading.


A personal example of how I would put together an elaborate Satanic Ritual...


Firstly, I would have a purpose for the ritual. Is it a devotional act or worship and gratitude?

Could it be related to an equinox or solstice? Depending on the reason behind the ritual, it is going to look slightly different.


Once the purpose is established, I will plan when and where it will take place. It’s rare that I will plan a complex ritual on short notice. Rituals should not be rushed anyway, but especially if it is something special such as a dedication or gratitude-based ritual. Sometimes I spend weeks or months planning certain rituals because it must be perfect. Anything less than, is not appropriate in my eyes. You are engaging in sacred acts and communing with Infernal Gods, why wouldn’t you put in the effort to make it perfect?


Think about preparation, prayers, music, offerings, the main segment, drinks, and food, how to close the ritual and grounding.


I like to write down my plans and go from there. Sometimes I will write a new prayer for the ritual, which is another ritual in itself. I may recite certain prayers written by other Satanists, in combination with my own. Music is always involved as it sets an ambiance suited to the rituals purpose.


The offering

 It’s rare that I will give one offering alone during a ritual. I will have candles, incense, drink, and sometimes food or blood. Sometimes I will create something, paint or write a poem. It depends on the purpose, but there will always be a main offering as well as others. Food and drink may be the main offering, but generally I always have Satan’s chalice filled with whichever beverage He chooses at the time.


Preparing for a Satanic Ritual

Rituals are both invigorating and draining, no matter what you are doing or which entity you are collaborating with. It is important to practice self-care beforehand and afterward. Make sure you have had enough sleep, food, and fluids before entering the sacred space. Avoid interacting with people who have a negative impact on you, especially Christian family members or friends for at least a week leading up to the ritual. Being aware of your energy, and what you get mixed up with is important because it can have an impact on your personal frequency. The energy of the Infernal is very different to that of the angelic so if you have spent time around Christians or for some reason entered a church, make sure you have cleansed yourself fully before entering Satan’s Hall. Its likely you will experience some backlash during and after the ritual if you do not, not as punishment, but because the mixing of these energies is not natural. I will make sure my home space is physically clean as well as spiritually. Wards are maintained and mirrors are closed or locked, if not already. I will also take a spiritual bath, using herbs, oils, and sigils within the water. The purpose of a spiritual bath isn’t to get physically clean, so I will take a shower beforehand. This is to firstly clean my vessel because the water of a satanic bath shouldn’t be contaminated by mundane filth. Some Satanists may not find this necessary which is fine, that is why these rituals are highly personal and catered to the individual.


After the bath, I will get ready. I take the time to do my makeup and get dressed. I make the effort to look presentable for Satan before attending His altar. If you were to visit someone who you thought highly of, I assume you would think about your appearance. If you view Satan as your God and King, why would you show up to meet Him looking a mess, or without washing first? This doesn’t mean you have to look perfect every time before you pray or sit by His Altar, because those things are far more casual than entering a satanic ritual space.


Once I am ready and as I enter the space, I will bow and kneel. Satan’s altar has several candles, so at this point I will light most of them. Some use a bell, however I do not. I like to play black metal to repel opposing energies. Once the first song as finished, I will put on a dark ambient and instrumental playlist. Then it is time to light Satan’s candle and incense, declaring to be an offering.


I will recite the opening prayer, followed by a short meditation and form of divination. The second prayer or hymn may then happen. At this point, the purpose of the ritual is declared and begins. If it is a gratitude ritual, I will write down all the things Satan has done for me within a certain timeline, while expressing my thanks to Him. Then I will read aloud, before placing the note into the cauldron or His treasure box. This is followed by the main offering, which could be blood or something I have made. Then another prayer comes, and a second meditation. I may sing or dance next.


Before the ritual ends, I will pour Satan a glass of something to drink. Usually, I will drink the same thing from my own cup. Sometimes I will plate Him up some food too, depending on the ritual. I will take my time to drink with Him, before giving my final words and prayer.


Satan is always welcome in my home, so there is no official closing as such, but I will sit by His altar for a while before snuffing out the candles and saying goodnight to Satan. I take my time here and make sure not to rush leaving the space. It’s important to ground yourself after the ritual has ended because it can leave you feeling a bit airy or disoriented, especially if you have spent a while in meditation. I will have a warm drink, open the windows, and eat some chocolate. I also make sure to remove my ritual outfit and put it away safely, as well as take off my makeup. Your ritual ‘costume’ should be treated with respect because it is special. Some Satanists wear robes which are stored separately to their regular clothing.


Satan may come to you through the night in dream world after the ritual, so make sure to keep a note of anything when you wake up the next day.



What kind of Satanic Rituals can you do?


What I list below are rituals that I partake in, and how I personally define them.


Satanic Mass

This is ritual of praise and worship which involves prayers, music, an offering, and contemplating. A Satanic Mass can be done alone or as part of a group, led by a high priest or priestess. Satan is the only focus here. A Satanic Mass is done at least once per week by Religious Satanists.


Blasphemous Mass

A mixture of blasphemous acts performed to offend the Abrahamic god. This could include dressing as a nun or priest to mock Christianity, reciting the Backwards Lords’ Prayer, setting a bible alight or spitting upon the crucifix. The more vulgar, the better. Usually, this version of mass will involve sex, lust, or anything to praise the seven sins. A Blasphemous Mass is done on Easter, Christmas or any holiday venerated by Christians.


Renunciation Ritual

A formal ceremony where the individual renounces their previous beliefs and rejects the Abrahamic god. This could be done in combination with a Dark Baptism.


Dark or Satanic Baptism

An individual is initiated unto the path of Satanism. You are declaring your allegiance to the Satanic Path and wish to explore it further. You can do this yourself as a solitary Satanist, or your High Priest will do it when joining a satanic coven.


Satanic Dedication

This is the serious one, where there is no turning back. Here you are dedicating your life to Serve Satan’s Will. You are signing an eternal oath of commitment to the Infernal King, and you cannot change your mind afterwards. We will all make different commitments, some of us will vow to only serve Satan, to only worship Him. Some Satanists vow to worship Satan as well as others. You must live up to the oath you’ve made and maintain your dedication by proving your loyalty to Satan every day.


Re-dedication Ritual

This done annually, on the same date that you first dedicated yourself to Satan. Although a dedication can never be undone, it is important to reflect and renew vows. Much like in a marriage, people will renew their vows to one another. The Satanist may use this time to make new promises to Satan. This is a way to maintain your oath and show that you have not forgotten your commitments to the Infernal.


Seasonal rituals may occur during Satanic High Holidays such as –


⛧ Spring and Autumn Equinox

⛧ Summer and Winter Solstice

⛧ Baal’s Harvest

⛧ Saturnalia

⛧ The Satanists’ Birthday

⛧ Walpurgisnacht or Beltaine

⛧ Lughnassadh

⛧ Halloween


Each Sabbath and holiday have its own purpose and the rituals performed will be unique to Satanist. Some Satanists celebrate Imbolc as it is regarded as a witches’ holiday. I will share an article in the future, as well as in my book, about the Satanic Holidays and how you can celebrate them.


In conclusion, my version of a Satanic Ritual may be different to another Satanist, but this is a path of individualism. There is no abuse, or pain inflicted despite what you see in the media. A Satanic Ritual is a ceremony of praise, worship and magick in Satan’s honour. It can be done to show devotion, or to celebrate a tradition. It is a sacred act, and something to take seriously.

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