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Reverse Christianity

If there is a term that Satanists would like to avoid more than ‘Devil Worshipper’, it is this. Reverse Christianity is another one thrown around online to use as an insult. Personally, I don’t care to be addressed as such. Reverse Christianity is different to most Satanic paths, although, you are a Devil Worshipper. This practice is literally as it sounds, you follow Christianity through the lens of the Devil. They believe in the Christian view of Satan, the Devil. It is the belief that Satan is the god of all evil and that humans who follow Him, will do His bidding on earth. Reverse Christians tend to blend in with the heard and don’t make their true beliefs known to those around them which is done intentionally. This is a path of deceit, cunning and wrath. Reverse Christians will go to a Christian church, attend weekly masses and ceremonies, but they will pray to Satan and attempt to infiltrate the minds of Christians.

Reverse Christians will celebrate the Seven Sins, while cursing the Ten Commandments. The more sin, the more they believe that Satan is fulfilled. Hell is a place much like to the Christian description, but if you are of Satan's chosen, you will not suffer. They carry the Mark of the Beast, meaning there is no initiation or dedication to perform. You are born into this way of being without free will, but Reverse Christians thrive on this ideology.


The goal of this practice is to keep spiritual warfare alive, to convert others to reverse Christianity and to follow Satan when Armageddon comes. Reverse Christians have prayers and masses or rituals that are like Christian ones, they are designed to mock and offend. This form of Satanism may require its followers to make friends with Christians, with the intention to manipulate them into leaving their Christian ways. This is a path that longs for the death and destruction upon humanity. Like Anti-cosmic Satanism, this path focuses on the dark and destructive aspects of Satan only. Love and compassion are seen as a weakness and something to take advantage of.


If you care for my opinion, I don’t think this path shows Satan for who He really is. It is a path of imbalance, however, I do not wish to invalidate Theistic Satanists who have this belief. You are free to experience Satan in any way. I can only share my opinion, not dictate what is right or wrong. Reverse Christianity does fall under the Theistic Satanism umbrella so just because I don't agree with everything, Reverse Christians still respect Satan and worship Him as their god. So with that, I have far more respect for them than I do for 'atheistic Satanists'.

This is a book I recommend if you're interested in Reverse Christianity or Traditional Devil Worship.

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