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Prayer of gratitude


Father Satan,

Today I offer my gratitude.

Know that I am thankful to be one of your chosen.

Your Black Flame burns deep within my human suit,

And my heart beats to the rhythm of solidifying brimstone.


I wish to be with you forever, and in all forms.

I am grateful to move through this world with your guidance.

You have blessed me with Infernal gifts,

You have protected me by watching my enemies.

You have given me so much love,

That it pours out from my eyes every time I commune with you.


Satan, my words could never encapsulate what you mean to me.

My adoration for you is endless.

You are magnificent.

You know my heart, Lord Satan.

No request of yours would be too much.

You could bend my world a thousand times and still,

I would look at you the same.

My soul will always be entwined with your essence.

In all I do, I intend to honour you.


As I speak this,

I give you my eternal word once more.

Satan, I am yours.

It is my privilege to know your darkness,

And all your faces.

May your jet-black wings take me to most unholy places.

Forever I shall reside there, with you.



During seasonal or planetary changes


Lord Satan.

On this evening moon,

I again pledge my allegiance to you.

With each season and astrological transition,

Comes an opportunity to make new promises.

When I signed my name in blood,

I made an oath to you.

So long as I live on this Earth,

I pledge to do the Devil’s Work.


For empowerment and protection


I am a child of Satan,

And I am anointed with His Flame of vengeance.

May my eyes pierce through the deception of others,

For the Devil has granted me the gift of cunning and sight.

My touch shall weigh heavy on the shoulders of those who do me wrong.

I am home to a spiteful tongue,

ready to cut at the wounds of insecure foes.

I am a child of all things dark,

I am the one who carries the Devil’s Mark.

My angered hands weave chaos wherever I go,

My scent leaves a trail of carnage and unrest.

I am a force to be reckoned with,

And I will not stop until I have fulfilled Satan’s Will.

No ward will turn me away.

No salt will keep me out.

I cannot be banished nor contained.

If you dare to cross me, expect retribution.

For you shall witness your own demise,

Through the same mirror you enchanted against me.

I am empowered by the Kingdom of Hell,

My mind stirs wisdom like a cauldron born well.

My heart is strong and unknown to betrayal.

With Satan by my side,

I am unscathed.

With this prayer I invoke power.

With this prayer I evoke Infernal guidance.

May my soul be welcomed into the netherworld,

with each step I take towards the great, unholy gates.

I embrace all that comes with Satan’s invitation,

And I embrace my satanic path.

Hail the Daemonic Divine.

Hail the Diabolic wrath.


Servant of Satan


Servant of Satan, I am.

A child of the unholy, I am.

A willing participant in the desolation of Abrahamic beings, I am.

They call me a reverse Christian,

They call me a devil worshipper,

As if this I supposed to offend me.

All the while these fools do not realise that I embrace such labels.

I welcome all of Satan’s faces.

I dance with the Devil and sing His praises.

I am not afraid of what the ignorant ones think.

I yearn for the conflict and chaos of spiritual warfare.

Destruction is on my side as I approach battleground against the enemy.

Devastation is what I inflict upon the followers of Yahweh.

No one can deter me from my loyalty to Satan,

and to my death I shall fall as His own.

I reject all that is not of my Father’s kingdom.

I blister with hatred at those who speak against Him.

I will not buckle at the noise of nonsensical Christian tongue.

I will not cower at the hands of false prophets and their threats.

On my deathbed I will be a Satanist and in my next life I will return as one.

In Satan’s name I drink from His chalice,

And celebrate with the Daemonic as each soul is called home.

Servant of Satan, I am.

A child of the black cross, I am.

One with the Dark Current, I am.



Spring prayer to Lucifer


Lucifer, Lord of Spring and Summer days.

I think of you as the darkened winter begins to wane,

And as the ground beneath me begins to warm.

The first Equinox is here, and your light turns the sun once more.

Your essence brings forth the colours within me,

and sparks joy of all things to come.

I feel anew.

A beacon of hope clears the dust from my weary slumber.

May this season of growth and change, bring me closer to my goals.

I wish to do you proud with each seed I sow.

I ask that you guide me through natures change,

And ignite the flame of motivation on days I feel adjourned.

Lucifer, Lord of each sunrise and starlit sky.

My thoughts fall on you as I ponder what is to come this summer.

There is so much to be grateful for, and so much to work towards.

I ask of you to walk with me through the forest bloom,

As I search for the most perfect bunch of lavender to offer you.

May your Luciferian children find clarity and inspiration in the mundane dew.

We find solace in your light weaving wisdom,

And comfort as you pave the way.

My dear Lord Lucifer, I thank you.



Calling for healing of the satanic community



My soul father and guiding hand.

I come to your altar this day, as I long for healing and renewal.

This human world can be exhausting and even wretched at times.

Many things weigh me down, but while I utter your name, my heart is eased.

I ask that you bring comfort to your devotees,

I sense there is a cleansing coming.

We need you,

And we believe in you.

You are the one who reaps change and transition.

You are the one who pulls us out from the gloom.

We fall and we crawl through mud of difficulty.

We fail tests and at times, stray so far from our path.

Let us not be distracted by meaningless tales and tasks.

Call us home to you when we become lost.

Some days on this earth are hard,

But with you by our side, we can push through the rubble.

I ask that you reveal yourself through our tribulations.

Remind your devotees that each day is worth the fight.

I feel a shift is coming, and the old is waning.

Grant us the strength to awaken our inner light once more.


Your devoted ones praise you,

and we come to your altar to bask in your prism of light.

Ave Satanas,

Ave Luciferi,

God of gods.



When in need of comfort


My mind is busy, and my heart is heavy.

Everything around me is caving in, and I’m losing my breath.

When the panic sets in, and the ground pulls away,

You whisper to me…

“My child, I am with you, and you are safe here”.

Then, within seconds, I can feel the earth beneath me again.

Satan you are my anchor.

You are the greatest love of my life.

When my body is triggered by wounds of the past,

You hold my soul in a way that can only be compared to burrowing under a heated,

weighted blanket on a freezing winters eve.

You are a god of many things,

But I know you to be of love, healing and compassion.

You pick me up and stir my bones with warmth.

You taste like ginger and cinnamon tea,

And you smell like black opium spice.

You calm my senses, while encouraging me to find my own way.

Not every day with you is like this,

As I know you are also a dragon of vengeance and decay.

It is my honour to see you wholly, and to be protected by your wings.

But today is a day, where my heart hurts and so you stay a little longer,

With your hand on mine.

I am grateful for these gentle moments with you,

Where I can rest and bask in the warmth of your love.

There is no feeling like this.

Satan, thank you.

As I cherish this time with you, you whisper to me…

“My child, you know who I am. I am more than fire and stone. I am capable of love unknown to humankind; with you I share just a glimpse. Come to me when you feel vulnerable, I am here. Sometimes I will pick you up and hold your hand, like today. But do not rely on my nurturing, you know that my love is not a crutch. You must learn how to soothe your own soul, as it is through this learning that you will gain strength and resilience”.

Satan, thank you.


More prayers will be added here in future.

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