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Practising Theistic Satanism


Satanism is personal. It should be based on your relationship and experience with Satan. Anyone can tell you how to practice, but only Satan can confirm if something is right for you. What I think is right or ethical, may not be to the next person. There is a purpose for us all and you should not compare your practice to another Satanist because if  Satan wanted you to be like someone else, He would have made that happen. I can offer you advice and give a guideline of what to do as you begin your practice, but please remember I am not your Priestess, and I cannot tell you what to do. My goal is to inspire you and to provide information that will allow you to create your own path.


If you feel drawn to Satanism but can’t put your finger on why, just go with that feeling and explore what is out there. Often Satan will begin by pulling you close to Him in ways that are subtle, but sometimes confusing. You may feel intrigued by dark things or maybe you feel comfort in things that are supposed to scare you. If the name of Satan means something to you, and you don’t understand why, this could be a sign to explore.

Before you research into the different paths or read books, I suggest that you start journaling. Some writing points could be


Who do you think Satan is?

What does His name make you feel and why?

What do you imagine Satan to look like?

What do you find comfort in?

Is it possible that Satan is different to what you have always been told?

What is meaning of good and evil to you?

What do you think Satan represents, and where have those beliefs come from?


I think it is important to create a foundation that is of Satan’s influence only. It is easy to follow the beliefs of others when they sound interesting, but that way, you can lose sight of your own ideas and imagination. Satanism isn’t a cult, no matter what the media tries to tell you. Although there are groups and covens, this path is a solitary one and it is important to know who we are when alone in the darkness. No one can tell you how to see Satan, or how to know Him. You are free to forge your own way by His side. Create your own definition of Who Satan is and learn from Him before others.


I assume that if you are on this site and want to build a relationship with Satan, then you are at least agnostic. If you have an atheist mind, I cannot offer anything to you. Once you have somewhat of an idea who Satan is without the influence of others, you should explore what paths there are and which resonate with you the most. Upon finding your path, the most important thing to do from here is to maintain a spiritual routine.

This looks different to everyone as we all have different living situations, we’re at different ages, we may be dependent on someone else, some of us have children or a busy work schedule. Whatever it is, there is space somewhere.


Satan exists in the mundane and you can find Him in all things. If you drink coffee in the morning, use that moment to focus on Him as you inhale the intense aroma. Think about the heat, or the spice in your chai tea and how it reflects Satan’s energy. Whatever is part of your morning routine, you can meet Satan along the way.

You do not have to know which exact path in Satanism you want to follow straight away. It may take time to understand what is right for you. You may not resonate with a strict religious practice, or you may love the idea of it. Take your time and trust that Satan will show you which path is yours. 

Practicing Satanism


Spend time with Satan.

This one should be obvious as Satan is the focal point of our beliefs and practice. Even if you are not devoted to a religious path, Satan is still chief in any kind of satanic path. You need to know who He is before anything else. You could make videos about Satanism or even write a book about it, but if you don’t spend time with Him and if you know who He really is, then those deeds are nothing but performative. Some of the most devoted followers of Satan are probably nameless in society, because being popular or recognised as a satanic leader is meaningless to them. Not everything you do for Satan needs to be shared. I have been asked how I spend time with Satan, and it really isn’t that complicated. People who are unfamiliar with Satanism often assume that this involves drawing pentagrams on the floor, circled by candles and sitting in the centre of it all while wearing nothing but a robe and chanting “Ave Satanas” repeatedly. ..


Although there is nothing wrong with this and admittingly, I do enjoy a stereotypical looking satanic ritual, this sort of thing isn’t necessary. Generally, I only do these elaborate rituals on special occasions such as holidays or if is a rededication, oath or pact making. On the day to day, you can spend time with Satan by just talking to Him, no matter what you are doing or where you are. Go on a walk through nature and talk out loud to Him if you feel comfortable. Take an evening stroll while the moon is out and meditate under the darkened sky if it is safe to do so. Think about Satan, call out to Him and ask Him to reveal Himself to you. Sit somewhere quiet or by His altar and think of Him. Light a candle in His name and give an offering of incense.





Practice self-care and understand who you are.

Satanism is a path of self-development and enhancing life with things that bring pleasure. Satan will help you put boundaries in place and how to harness your power, but you must do the work as well. For some this means going to therapy, taking medication for our mental health, going to rehab, ending relationships with toxic people, changing our diet, cutting out alcohol or smoking. There is a misconception that Satanism is all about doing whatever you want and living a selfish life, when actually, it is about serving the self in a beneficial way. Being selfish isn’t bad and doing what you want isn’t a bad thing either, but it is important to know balance and discipline. Have fun and enjoy yourself but don’t participate in things that could sabotage your long-term goals or commitments to Satan. Satan wants you to be the best you can and to live the most fulfilling life, but to achieve this we must make the effort.




Cultivate a spiritual routine.

It doesn’t need to be extravagant, but it does need to be meaningful. If you are new to the satanic path and the idea of having a spiritual routine sounds overwhelming to you, please don’t worry. You can start by praying once a day in the morning or at night and that will suffice. You could use a prayer written by another Satanist to begin with, and then with time, write your own. You just need to be intentional with this by setting the time aside to commune with Satan and give Him your gratitude. Satanic prayer isn’t done out of desperation or fear, it isn’t to be used as a crutch. Prayer is a sacred act and should be looked forward to. I think it is important to change things up now and then to prevent our practice from becoming stagnant, stale or something ordinary. Prayer, or any part of our spiritual routine isn’t ordinary. It isn’t just another part of our daily routine like brushing teeth or taking the bus to work. Praying is direct communication with our god Satan, there is nothing ordinary about that.  Keep in mind that while you are new to the path, you may not always, or even at all, feel Satan’s presence around you during prayer. This doesn’t mean He isn’t listening. New Satanists will be tested to see if they are going to quit the path after praying a few times and not getting the response they wanted. There is a purpose in every response and sometimes you won’t receive what you were initially looking for.


Study and learn all you can about Satanism.

There is value in everyone and learning from people who belong to other religions can be helpful. Many Satanists study the bible and Quran so that when faced with debates, they can point out contradictions and hold themselves well. Learn about the enemy and the strategies he uses against Satan, learn about angels and how to repel them. Expand your knowledge on demonology and how it is different to demonolatry. The Goetia, how and why to avoid Solomonic traditions. Explore the ways through occultism and practice witchcraft, find out if it is something you enjoy doing. Speak to other Satanists and hear what they have to say about Satan, what is their experience and how did they find Him. Learn about the history of Satanism, how it has influenced music and art. Study the satanic panic (which still occurs today) and how Satan is used as the scapegoat for all the wrongdoings in society. Study people, even those who do not know Satan. You will learn a lot from observing the world around you and how it functions. You can find a page full of resources here for further reading and study.

Set up an altar or shrine for Satan.

I have a whole article on setting up a satanic altar, so I won’t elaborate too much on it here, but I will say that having an altar is important as a Satanist. It doesn’t have to be big, and you could even utilise a shoebox to hide under your bed. It all depends on what is accessible and possible for you to personally have. If you do have to keep a subtle altar space, you can take advantage of this by making it a spiritual routine. Each time you open your altar box, you can use this time to pray and focus on Satan. Every part of this is sacred and intentional. Some of us are fortunate to have a large open space to practice freely, but it doesn’t matter how grand your sacred space is, what matters is if your heart is in it. You can read about satanic altars here.



Commitment rituals.

Making any commitments to Satan shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially an oath of dedication. Once you have decided what satanic path to take, you can decide if a dedication ritual is for you. If you understand the seriousness of such an oath and know you want to dedicate your life to Satan, spend some time pondering on what this means to you and ask Satan if you are ready. He will let you know if this is right for you.

A dedication ritual is usually done after a year of practice and study. It isn’t to be done on a whim and if you aren’t sincere, it will likely backfire. Before I dedicated myself to Satan, I had my dark baptism and renunciation ritual. This is another subject I talk in depth about here. You can make promises to Satan before any formal dedications take place, as this will give you an idea of what commitments to Satan may look like. Promising something to Satan can happen on the daily, in the most unformal of places, but it can also be done in a ritualistic setting. If this is your first time making a commitment to Satan, you can start by writing your promise down on a piece of paper and read it aloud to Satan, by His altar. Light a candle and some incense if you can. Keep the note and put it somewhere safe so that you can be reminded of it later. Your first promise to Satan should be realistic and comfortable, especially if you are a young person. Do not push yourself or make a promise that you cannot keep. This is why it is important to know ourselves, our limits and our personality type. Are you impulsive or are you often lazy? These things need to be looked at before you make any commitments that go against your capabilities. Making a promise to cut ties with a toxic person is pointless if you haven’t gained the inner strength first and know how to set boundaries.



Fulfilling Satan’s Will.

Satan has a mission for us all and in time we will understand what that is. For some it may be obvious, for others, it may be a frustrating endeavour. It took me over a year to figure out what Satan wanted of me. It doesn’t matter when you learn your purpose, as Satan will reveal this to you when you are ready. We all have something different to offer and we all have value. Please do not doubt yourself, and do not doubt Satan, if you have not yet realised what His Will is for you. One satanist may have the purpose of volunteering at a goat sanctuary. Another Satanist may have the purpose of writing a book. Some Satanists may even do both and more. No journey is superior to the other. I believe this depends on how many lives you have lived, how old or young your soul may be. The more you do in life for Satan, the closer you are to joining Him in his Kingdom for eternity. Once you have committed yourself to Satan and dedicated your life to serve Him, now you will learn what exactly your purpose is for this lifetime. Fulfilling His Will should be part of your daily life, and how you practice Satanism.

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