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Serving The Black Flame - site logo

I wanted to share how and why I came up with the logo of Serving The Black Flame. This art piece was designed by a talented family member who creates digital art as a hobby. They have designed several pieces for me over the past year and not once have they pushed away from my requests. It means a lot to me that my beliefs and passions can be shared with those around me, without feeling judged or persecuted. Though I know this isn't the case for every Theistic Satanist, sadly. 

We all envision Satan differently. When I was young, He appeared as a black and crooked shadow. Sometimes He would physically manifest as a cat. Before and after I dedicated my life to Satan, He appeared as a large standing goat with a dark grey and black feathered coat, wearing a black or red robe. A beautiful pendant hangs from His neck, and a belt with the Key to Hell clings to His waist. He has eyes of the sun, a mix of glowing orange, yellow and red. Grand and impressive blackened horns that reign above His head. To me, He embodies elegance and power, so effortlessly.

I wanted the logo of Serving The Black Flame to reflect that. Satan is the most magnificent and thought provoking manifestation of art I have ever seen. I love Him, and all of His appearances, to no end. 

This post is copied over from the previous monthly art discussion but I did not want to delete it from the website. The artist deserves some recognition and gratitude for all they have done during the creation of SERVING THE BLACK FLAME. The logo was created by Nick Coote and you can find his art on Instagram - @the_schnub

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