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Honouring Satan on Father's Day

Updated: Jan 2

Father’s Day is fast approaching here in the UK.

Sunday the 18th of June, Satan’s children shall celebrate Him and all His glory.

Those of us who are dedicated and devoted to Satan will honour Him this day.

Satan is my soul father. He is the one stable and consistent fatherly figure in my life. He has been there throughout the worst, the best, the hardest and the happiest times. Not once has He left my side or let me wander far. His eye is always on me. His wings always surrounding me just in case I fall too hard. He is the most protective force of nature I have ever known. Satan has taught me how to find solace in the darkest of places, and comfort in the things that bring such pain. There is no stone untouched by His charcoaled gaze.

I wanted to share what I’m going to be doing this Father’s Day to honour Satan.

I plan to fast for 12 hours and then share an evening meal with Satan. I have picked out a new black candle to anoint and consecrate for the occasion. In the morning of Father’s Day, I hope to take a walk through my local hills and here I will perform a small ritual. My website will also launch which is very exciting. Of course, you’ll already know this as you are reading from it right now! (Thank you for being here)

Some ways you can honour, celebrate, and

spend time with Satan on Father’s Day

- Do a guided meditation which focuses on Satan. It could be an inner child themed meditation but make sure you are somewhere safe and comfortable.

- Read some satanic literature to Him. Pick out your favourite book or writing piece and read it aloud to Him.

- Give Him an offering. Could be anything that you are able to give.

- Read some tarot or any form of divination which allows you to communicate and feel closer to Satan.

- Write a Father’s Day themed prayer that is personal to you.

- Light some red candles to symbolise your love for Satan.

- Forage some seasonal flowers for Him and place upon His altar (but don’t allow them to wilt).

- Just talk to Him and express your gratitude.

- Clean or rearrange His altar.

- Go on a walk in His honour. This could be somewhere you go regularly or a new place to explore together.

- Find a new piece of jewellery to consecrate in His name that you only wear during the week of Father’s Day.

- Write down several things that Satan has done for you. Read aloud while expressing how thankful you are. This can be written in your satanic journal.

- Make a new promise to Satan that will be fulfilled by the following Father’s Day.

Today would be a great opportunity to sign pacts or perform dedication rituals.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money, if any at all. As long as you’re thinking about Satan and setting some time aside to honour Him, that is all that matters.

I would love to hear what your plans are as a fellow devotee and I wish you a successful day or evening of honouring our Father.

Satanic Blessings.

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