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Copy of Behold... A New Satanic Year!

January is here, and with it comes an opportunity to reset and reassess our goals. I am forever thankful for the mindset shift which Satan has ignited within me. Since stepping upon His path, my life has not only improved, but I have been challenged tremendously. The act of worship is a simple one, but doing the Devil's Work is not. Welcoming change and upheaval for our personal betterment, is not simple or easy. I believe that evolving as a human and fulfilling Satan's Will go hand in hand. With each satanic task I complete, the more I grow in resilience and determination. In 2023, Satan forced me to see my true capabilities. Finally, I began to realise that I am more than the self-limiting beliefs I have carried for a long time. Thus, understanding I am worthy of radical self-love.

If there is one thing you should know about me, it is that I am excellent at glamour magick. Many people know me as a confrontational wrath ass, when infact, this is just one aspect of myself. I have many faces and guises, just like Satan. There is a sentence in Marie Ravensoul's book: Psalms of The Devil - 1. "As the years pass, become more like me."

This has stuck with me because it is true that Satan calls His children to embody His essence. We are here to act as His messengers on earth, and while we do so, we experience being human. We are here learn and embrace every aspect of who we are. This includes the dark, the light, shades of grey, and the wonderful pigments of rainbow.

I cannot become like Satan if I do not embrace every part of myself. I may be fierce, but I am also fragile and soft hearted. For many years I have viewed these traits as a weakness to crush and something I have strived to shun. In this new year of 2024, I wish to work towards finding a balance within, and learn to embrace all aspects of myself. I have an awful habit of putting existential pressure on myself in every situation which inevitably creates obstacles and perpetuates the cycle of self-sabotage. If anyone has a strong AF letting go ritual written in their grimoire, please feel free to share it with me lol!

Setting New Satanic Goals For 2024

I decided to put together a manifestation box along with a candle offering for Satan on New Years Day. All together I came up with 13 goals, but I will only share 3 of them with you today. Around the Spring Equinox I will share more about the ritual in a video as that is a perfect time to plant seeds and should still be helpful for those who want to manifest their goals, satanic or not.

  1. Devotion and prayer - my number one priority this year is my religion. Direct communication with Satan and acts of worship must come first.

  2. Practice satanic self-care/love daily - Satanism and self-care come as a pair I think because of the fundamental satanic teachings. I do often neglect my appearance and physical health which is something I want to change.

  3. Community - I want to nurture the satanic community and bring people closer this year. I think we focus on our differences far too much. I would also like to improve my communication skills drastically because I leave people on read too often (unintentionally)!

There is no point setting goals if you don't follow up with a plan. Set realistic goals, season by season and make everything fun. Remind yourself why you have set certain goals and create affirmations to use along the way.

Let me know what your plans are for this year! They don't have to be strictly satanic related... you are allowed to enjoy life and plan things that are just for you.

Take care & Satanic Blessings,


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