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Celebrating the Pisces Full Moon as a Theistic Satanist.

How to honour Satan this Thursday - during a full moon (August 31st).

The Theistic Satanist can utilise the energy of the moon phases just as any other magickal or occult practitioner. As Theistic Satanists or Devil Worshippers, we are often segregated by the pagan and witchcraft community because our religion isn’t taken seriously. One time during a Sabbat, I shared with social media what I was doing to celebrate, and a witch was rather offended that a Devil Worshipper was celebrating the same holiday as them. I still see TikTok videos today of witches stating that “real witches don’t even believe in the Devil” … it truly does infuriate me. Aside from annoying the Satanists, statements like this invalidate traditional witchcraft practices and beliefs. The Wytches Devil is real to many and always has been. He is the Horned One who roams the wood. Anyway, my point is that Sabbats and Esbats don’t belong to exclusive groups of witches or pagans because anyone can enjoy them.

Let’s move onto the topic of this blog post which is –

Celebrating the Full Moon as a Theistic Satanist.

This Full Moon is in Pisces, the watery sign of dreamy self-reflection and transition. In conjunction with Pisces, Thursday is a day associated with growth, fulfilment, influence, and self-improvement. It would be a great time to deepen your relationship with Satan, through the use of meditation and divination. Spend time with Him and ask that He reveal the right path to you. Recently I learned that not everything I do is a Satanic act of devotion, when at the time I truly think it is. I have had so many ideas of ways to honour the Infernal, (most of which are unrealistic for where I am in life right now) and religious projects to start that my mind becomes overwhelmed and it’s hard to know what I should really focus on. Unfortunately, because of this, it can be difficult to communicate with Satan directly, as my mind is so full and buzzing with thoughts. The energy of Pisces can bring clarity and inner calm, which I know is going to help me find the balance I desperately need!

Reflections and journal prompts for the Devotee of Satan

1. What lesson have I learned from Satan throughout August, and how can I implement this learning?

2. I feel most connected to Satan when…

3. How does Satanism empower me?

4. Something that has been holding me back from fulfilling Satan’s Will is…

5. What actions can I take to manifest His Will?

6. Is there something in my practice I need to change or let go of?

These questions could also be used to read tarot or oracle cards!

Speaking of divination cards... on my Instagram I posted a simplistic three card spread for this specific full moon, but I felt like creating a spread that was a little more detailed for this blog post as you can see below.

As well as reading tarot or oracle cards, there are many other things you can do on this Esbat to connect with Satan and the Demons. I wanted to share some ritual ideas including a low energy option for those who need it.

A water based/focused ritual

Option 1 –

You will need: chalice, beverage, and a piece of moonstone or any gemstone associated with the full moon, or what reminds you of Satan.

Visit the beach/take a walk to your local seafront as the full moon is in view and sit beneath it as close to the ocean as you can.

Take your time to breathe and rest for a while, focusing on the sounds around you and how you feel. Talk to Satan and ask that He join you in the moonlight.

Take out the chalice and fill it up with the pairing drink.

Raise the chalice and say -

“Lord Satan. Cosmic Father of Darkness, I come here to honour you this night”.

Then take a drink and place the chalice down. Say -

“As the ocean curves and churns,

and as the energy of Pisces ripple through the waving waters,

I honour thee, Lord Satan.

As the full moon stands grand above my tiny vessel,

I honour thee, Lord Satan.

As I sit here in awe of your planetary creations,

I celebrate your name, and all of whom you are”.

Then take out the offering stone and hold in your left hand, placing against your heart.

Here you can give thanks to Satan for the abundance of this full moon. Take some time here to be with Him and say what is personal to you.

When you are ready, take the stone and say -

“This stone is my offering to you this night,

may it resemble all of which I must let go in order to fulfil your Will”.

Then placing the stone into the water.

The full moon is a phase of letting go and releasing what does not serve us, as Theistic Satanists we can use this energy to cut ties with behaviours and influences that Satan does not approve of. Things that are causing a blockage and distracting us from living the most Satanic life we possibly can.

Finally, you can recite a prayer or meditate, sing a hymn or play some music to close the ritual.

Option 2 –

Play some ocean sounds and light a candle. If you can, use a blue coloured tealight.

You could also light some cinnamon incense as this is a mind stimulating scent - perfect for Pisces.

Sit for a short while and breathe, thinking about Satan.

Recite the prayer -

“Lord Satan.

I honour you under this Pisces full moon.

With this planetary shift, I pledge undying loyalty to you once more.

I am willing to let go of all which stands in my way.

I am willing to release all behaviours and habits which distract me in the mundane.

Each astrological change brings an opportunity to learn, shed, and grow.

Though I may let go of much, I will never let go of you. Lord Satan.


A simple jewellery ritual for any Satanist

You will need – piece of jewellery and a window or safe place to put the jewellery overnight.

Take your Satanic jewellery and hold it while thinking about what it represents to you. You can talk out loud or in your head but share your thoughts with Satan. Then place the piece on a window ledge or wherever you can to receive the moonlight. Ask that Satan may bless your devotional jewellery and then recite a prayer of choice.

Celebrating the full moon doesn’t need to be complex, neither do rituals or any spiritual practice. It can be as simple as you’d like. What matters is your intention, and that your focus is on Satan.

I hope that this post has inspired you to honour Satan on this full moon.

Satanic Blessings.

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1 commentaire

Angela Satanica
Angela Satanica
30 août 2023

Phenomenal post! I will certainly be taking some inspiration for my blue moon ritual, especially because I'm fortunate to live by the water. Thank you so much for this, Satan bless!

- Angela of Sanctuary Satanica

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