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Pacts and Oaths with Satan

Contracts, deals, oaths, and pacts are terms often used interchangeably within the occult community, and usually, people outside of the occult use the phrase “selling your soul” or “deal with the Devil” to describe one of these exchanges. Each Satanist, Occultist, Demonolater or Luciferian will prefer a different term. Personally, I avoid ‘deal’ all together as it reminds me of a pop culture view on Satanism. My relationship with Satan determines that oath is most appropriate. The term oath refers to a sacred promise, a serious commitment in comparison to a regular promise. Pacts and contracts are something you can have between friends, colleagues, or business partners. I think either of these are an appropriate descriptor if you have a working relationship with an Infernal Spirit. Of course, it is up to you to decide which term best suits you and the relationship you have with a Daemon, and this can apply to Satan, but I suggest you ask Him what He would prefer. If you are a Spiritual Satanist, you may have several pacts throughout your practice which could be long- or short-term pacts with Satan or any of the Daemonic. Creating pacts or signing contracts isn’t a requirement in your satanic practice, but many Satanists will have at least one. So, what do these terms mean?


What is a Daemonic Contract?

This means that you are bound to a certain Demon, for a certain amount of time, in exchange for something. Many practitioners will sign a contract with the Daemon Belial for monetary gain, and in return they will do something for Belial. The contract must be maintained and fulfilled. You must do what you have agreed to do in the terms of your contract. It is believed by many that Satan or the Demons require human or animal sacrifice, or that they want your soul in return for giving you something. What people don’t realise is that Satan views these things as lazy and stupid. Lazy, because it requires no effort, creativity, or much thought. Satan and the Demons are deeply intense, they appreciate beauty and finer things. If you put the effort into getting to know a certain demon, and if you pay attention to the details, that will not go amiss. When signing a contract with Satan or a Daemon, giving an offering that is personal and unique to them and your relationship, is far more valuable than killing an animal to offer its blood. There is no consideration or real thought behind the sacrifice of an animal which is only going to radiate fear and terror as it dies. Why would Satan or a Daemon want to consume the energy of pain and distress? If you think that is the kind of thing they want, then not only are you deluded, but you are perpetuating the false belief that the Infernal are all evil, and that they thrive on suffering. Some Satanists do perform animal sacrifice, I cannot deny that. Although I do not agree with this practice, if you believe Satan wants this, then I have no right to question it. I only bring this up because it is so often said that all Satanists sacrifice animals and even humans as offerings to Satan. There will always be an extreme minority, or someone who does things you disagree with. I don’t want to be tarnished with the same brush as it has always been my belief and experience, that Satan does not view blood sacrifices as necessary in this modern world. Offering your own blood is different and something I personally do, but when you give the blood of another being, you are contradicting the right of Free Will.


In summary, a contact is what you and a Daemon or Satan, agree to. You give something to a certain spiritual being, in return for their protection or a blessing of some kind. This could be a new job, relationship, renewed health, mental clarity, spiritual knowledge, monetary gain, good luck, or whatever is the strength of the Daemon you are working with. A pact is essentially the same thing as a contract.


An oath is more common among religious practices, or Devil Worship. When swearing an oath to Satan, you aren’t asking for something in return. My personal oaths have never involved mutual exchange. I swore my undying loyalty to Satan, I made an oath to forever follow Him. I did not want something in return. I did not make a pact or sign a contact, but my oath is eternally binding. I did sign my name in blood, but that signature, signified my commitment of devotion which cannot be broken. I chose to devote my life to Satan because I love Him dearly, not because I love the material or spiritual things that He has the power to grant me. This doesn’t mean to say that devotees of Satan aren’t given anything because we often are. Since dedicating myself to Satan, I have been blessed with a lot, however this is not the reason why I choose to follow Him. If Satan no longer granted me good luck, I would still worship Him. With pleasure and joy, comes challenge and suffering. Satan may bless His devotees, but He also presents us with challenges and difficult circumstances. Not all the time, but when we need it. For example, if we enter a relationship that does not serve us or our religion, Satan will remove it from our existence. No doubt this will be hard as breakups are, but this challenge is necessary.


A regular promise is made regularly, maybe on a weekly basis. Whereas an oath occurs yearly, or during satanic rituals. A promise could relate to mundane tasks or what affects us every day. You could promise Satan to attend His altar every morning to offer a hymn and incense. You could promise that every Saturday will be dedicated to Satan. A promise doesn’t have to be indefinite; it could be that you agree to pray at sunrise during the summer months. Maybe you want to offer seasonal food during the winter. Sometimes these promises are broken, I know I have done in the past. It’s important that you rectify this misdeed as soon as you possibly can.


Breaking an oath

It should be obvious that this is not a good thing. Giving that an oath is common among religious Satanists, it is quite possibly the worst thing that you can do. If you swore your life to Satan and made an oath of loyalty, then you must maintain this by fulfilling your duty as a devotee. Your duty is different to mine, but it is likely to be that you are under oath of lifelong commitment and devotion. Abandoning Satan and your religion would be breaking this oath. You don’t have to verbalise that this is what you are doing, for Satan to know your intention. Essentially, this would be the equivalent of “ghosting” Satan. What would be worse, is if you turned your back on Satanism, to join an Abrahamic religion. To then deny Satan’s power, and that He is the true god of this world. That would be unforgivable. Sometimes Satanists will stray and struggle with their faith, but this is usually down to personal insecurities and things that Satan does not control. I have struggled before and felt a distance between Satan and I, but that was because I prioritised other things. One time I allowed my job to take over, and another was when I discovered I had autism and ADHD. Sometimes there are circumstances that get in the way of your practice, but Satan will always call you home, unless you aren’t a true devotee. These times of distance will test your faith which is something often associated with Christianity, but having a test of faith is not exclusive to Abrahamic religions. Satanism is a serious religion that involves commitment and challenges, which includes tests and hardship. Through this, Satan gives you an opportunity to show your dedication and devotion towards the Infernal Path. You then have free will to decide if you are going to pass or fail.


I believe that if you break an oath by turning to Christianity or Islam etc, then you were never a devotee of Satan in the first place. However, I still detest that you made such a decision.


Breaking a pact or contract

If you fail to maintain your end of the bargain, then you will indeed suffer the consequences. Depending on which Demon you sign a contract with you may suffer a great deal. For example, if your contact involves writing a book about Azazel and giving a certain offering every week, in return for meeting your soul mate and having a perfect relationship. To keep this love interest, you must write the book and give the offerings for however long was agreed in the terms of your contract. It may be that you planned to write the book within a year and give the offerings each week during that year. If you miss an offering one week because you aren’t well or something outside of your control happens, you must rectify the mistake immediately. Generally, Demons are understanding when it is a genuine situation. You will probably be given another chance to give the offering on another day. If you miss an offering because you made plans to go out on that day, or because you just couldn’t be bothered, then that is a problem. However, if giving a certain weekly offering is secondary to writing the book, and you have continued to write the book, then missing an offering may be excused. On a more serious note, if you fail to write the book as well as maintain the regular offerings agreed, then this is where you are in trouble.


What can happen to you if you break a pact beyond redemption?

Again, depending on the Daemonic Spirit, this could be horrendous for you. For example, if you were working with Stolas and you dishonoured him in this way, he may decide to interfere with your witchcraft practice for however long he wishes. As Stolas is a Daemon of the occult, science, astrology, astronomy, divination, and wildlife, he may use any of these outlets to negatively affect your life. As Stolas is a Prince, his reprimands for you will be less severe than those of a King. If you have sworn allegiance to a Daemon and over time you completely stray or go against them, resulting in a broken oath, then you will also see consequences. Usually this means that everything you were ever blessed with during your working or devotional relationship, will be taken away from you because of your betrayal. This is not harsh by any means, in fact, it is the least you deserve.


Someone I knew worked with the Demons and after some time, began to work with angels too. They then spoke out against the Demonic, regretting their decision of practising the occult. After this they endured a mental breakdown and lost everything. At one point they were somewhat respected in the occult community, but now they are despised and no longer have popularity. Because of this response, they went public again, declaring that going against the Demons was a mistake and they were influenced by angelic forces. Whether or not this is true, you still chose to betray the Infernal, and for that you will suffer at some point.


I don’t wish to scare anyone or perpetuate the belief that Satan and the Demons are evil. It may sound contradictory after what I have just described, but I must stress that you will only experience a backlash if you are deserving of it. Satan does not go out of His way to punish you, and its likely that if you do suffer later, it was not from Satan. Many Demons work on His behalf and will cause things to happen out of frustration for going against their King. You will only know the loss of what you gained. If you made a pact which involved healing and health, breaking the pact will cause your health to deteriorate. Possibly worse than it was before. If you are given a chance to rectify your mistake, but fail to do so, then you have no excuse, No apologies from me, but you deserve what is coming. No one gets to take advantage of the Infernal and get away with it. If the Demons do not reprimand you, then no doubt will you face the wrath of Satan’s devotees.

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