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Offerings for Satan and how to give them

I love the topic of offerings and being able to discuss with others the act of worship. When done correctly, giving a deity an offering is an act of worship, even if it is not a religious based relationship. I love the whole process of preparing an offering. It allows me to be creative, and to really pour myself into something that shows Satan how much I adore Him. As Satanists, we give offerings because we want to demonstrate our love for Satan. A physical manifestation of what He means to us, and a reminder to Him of our loyalty. Some offerings can be more complex than others, and some are more suited to special occasions rather than on the daily. Offerings can be anything, but from what I have seen, the go to option for many occultists and witches is incense or a beverage. These are valid options as they are accessible for most people, but I do think we should switch things up sometimes. Put the effort into making the offering unique to your deity and the relationship you have with them. The options are endless, especially if you are a creative person. I know it can be daunting to try something new, but don’t be afraid to change things around and listen to your instincts.


Satan is often pulling our intuition, so if you suddenly think of something to offer Him, that could be because it is exactly what He wants. This is true in my experience anyway. Many times when I have been shopping for food or other things, Satan has nudged me when He wanted something. I have picked up all kinds of items from my shopping trips because I have felt His hand reaching for something specific. Whenever I spend money on myself, I am mindful about what I can also get for Satan as a gift. This is a gesture of gratitude, because I am so thankful to live the life I do, and for being one of His chosen. You must only give the offering with altruistic intentions… not because you want something in return.


Offerings can be given every day and many Satanists choose to, though this isn’t a requirement. Satan does not demand anything of us, and He does not punish us if we can’t offer Him something. They should be given freely and with the willingness to please Satan, because He is our God. When it comes to satanic offerings, there’s many misconceptions that we sacrifice children and animals, that we harvest organs and drink the blood of innocence… as discussed in the article regarding satanic rituals, I can only blame these misrepresentations on Hollywood, horror movies, and of course, Christian propaganda. Some Satanists do perform animal sacrifice, but this isn’t exclusive to Satanism. Personally, I think that animal sacrifice is an abominable thing to be done in our modern world. However, I do understand and respect that animal sacrifice was a sacred act of devotion and worship, done by our pagan ancestors. It is important to connect with our pagan roots and to honour the old ways, but I would never take part in any ritual that involves animal sacrifice. The Satanist could use red wine as a substitute for animal blood, or red meat as an alternative. Ethically sourced animal bones and skulls would be a great option to symbolise our old traditions. My opinion and feelings aside, I am not ignorant, and I do accept that ritualistic animal sacrifice does still happen. Some Satanists will agree with me, and some will not. The satanic path pushes you to challenge social norms and to create your own moral code. If you are a Satanist who does take part in animal sacrifice, do not take offence to what I have written here. You are allowed to think and believe as you do and remember that you do not need my permission. The only one who can dictate to you, is Satan.


A devotional offering is given by the Devil Worshipper, or by any Satanist who has a religious relationship with Satan. New Theistic Satanists who have not yet dedicated themselves to Satan, can still give devotional offerings. They are given out of love and only for the benefit of our God Satan. He will know if you aren’t sincere, so always go to Him with an honest heart. Do not attend His altar with an ulterior motive because no matter how smart you think you are, Satan’s serpent will devour all deceiving threads, and you shall find yourself in a pit of regret. Devotional offerings can be given anytime and as often as you’d like. Satanism is an individual path, so we all have different views on what is an appropriate offering, how to dispose of them, and the frequency of which they are given. Giving regular offerings isn’t possible for everyone so please do not feel guilty if this applies to you. I have gone long periods without offering Satan something physical due to moving houses and not having my own private space. A simple, but meaningful and genuine prayer before you go to bed would suffice.


Petition offerings are different, at least the intention behind them is different to that of devotional offerings. I think I may have come up with those differing terms, I’m not too sure, but I do think its important to distinguish intention, and the meaning of offerings. From what I have come to learn and believe, petition offerings are given when the individual is seeking something specific. Like when you do a spell, usually the witch will have an offering prepared for the spirits of the land or the elements around them, to say thank you for assisting in the ritual. Demonolaters will offer something to a Daemon, along with their petition. For example, offering a handmade candle that is inscribed with a demonic sigil, dressed with oil and herbs that a certain demon likes, would be placed with your petition. Your petition is exactly what you want to gain, written down typically on parchment paper. This initial candle offering won’t be the one and only thing you give, because right now you are just knocking on that demon’s gate, hoping they will open to you. If the demon hears you and accepts your petition, they will respond. Not necessarily immediately, but in time, you will learn what they want from you in return for heeding your petition. The same can apply to Satan as many occultists believe He is a high-ranking Daemon who you can work with in magickal practice. As I am a Religious Satanist, and witch second, I rarely go to Satan with a petition type of offering.  If I need protection, healing or comfort, I will pray to Satan about what is going on and He does intervene if He sees appropriate. If I want something specific like a new job or relationship, I will use witchcraft and spell work as I want to use my own energy to attain those sorts of things. I do not rely on Satan or go to Him every time there is something I want, and in my opinion, that just is not how a devotee should act.


Before I list a bunch of things that you can offer to Satan, I want you to know that the most valuable thing you can offer Him, is your time. Devoting your time to do His work and to worship Him as your god, is the most expensive offering, yet it cannot be bought. You could spend all the money you have on fancy items, statues and aged bottled of alcohol, but those things are meaningless if your heart is not devoted.



Homecooked goods which could be sweet or savoury, and meat, especially red.

Spiced breads, cakes and soup can be given around the appropriate season. A chilli tomato soup would be great to serve in winter, whereas cinnamon cakes would suit the Summer Solstice. You can buy the food already made in supermarkets, but this should only be done out of necessity rather than convenience. Spiced oat cakes, biscuits and flapjacks aren’t difficult to make, and I will share some seasonal recipes in my first satanic book.


If you are going to offer Satan food, make sure it is of the best quality that you can afford. If it is something homemade, make sure it looks presentable before serving. If you are having a feast with fellow Satanists or if you are celebrating alone, Satan should always receive His plate first. When offering cake, Satan is cut the first and largest slice, served on a special plate that is reserved for Him only.


Some foods that I typically offer to Satan include; 

Dark chocolate

Red apples

Seeds and mealworms for His sacred animal the Raven

Red velvet cake

Food that is traditional to you and your culture

Ginger biscuits


Stem ginger cake

Dates and raisins

Black pudding

Fresh cherry or plum tomatoes


Chilli roasted nuts

Goats cheese

Rum soaked fruit cake



You do not have to spend a fortune on special beverages, but if you can, pick something special. The way I see it is, if you would not gift your best friend some crappy cheap wine, then Satan definitely does not deserve that. It also doesn’t have to be alcohol.

Apple juice or fizz

Citrus flavoured water

Goats milk

Spiced herbal teas

Black coffee

Hot chocolate

Apple cider

Rum… especially spiced


Red wine

Bloody Mary


When serving drinks, Satan should have His own cup or glass. I have a mug for Him when offering warm drinks, and a chalice when offering cold/alcoholic drinks. Along with His own plate and bowl, they are stored separately from the rest of my utensils and are treated as though they are made of gold. They are washed first with clean water. I tend to offer juice and tea more casually, as part of a morning spiritual routine. Whereas wine or other drinks are given during ritual and certain occasions. However, I always listen to Satan and give whatever is His request on the day.



This can be stick, cones or loose herbal incense.

Dragons Blood is what I use the most often, but Satan enjoys much more. Scents such as Black Opium, Rose, Sandalwood, Nag Champa, Cinnamon and Patchouli. During the lighter seasons and as Lucifer’s aspect is the focal point, I will offer more floral scents and herbal mixtures. Lavender, Garden Sage, Cornflower, Eyebright, Jasmine, Star Anise, Vanilla and Mint. Incense is generally the most accessible offering, especially stick incense which is the easiest to burn compared to loose incense which creates the most smoke. Not all Satanists can be open about their beliefs and so for them, subtle offerings are the most appropriate option.


Crystals and Gemstones

I find that black obsidian is so very potent of satanic energy. Aside from regular tumble stones, you could offer an obsidian carved heart, skull or animal associated with Satan. You can find these online or possibly in your local occult store. I have seen goat and dragon shaped obsidian pieces which are beautiful, however they are expensive and may not be feasible for everyone.



Flowers, Herbs and Oils

These could be offered alone or together as a blended oil mixture. If you are going to offer Satan some seasonal flowers, don’t allow them to wilt on His altar and make sure the water is kept fresh. You could offer Satan some flowers on Valentines Day or Father’s Day. Herbs are best placed on a plate, or you could scatter them across an outdoor altar. You could make an oil blend as an offering which you use to consecrate every item you place upon His altar.



This could be a small tealight candle or anything bigger. If you have the knowledge of candle making, then you could make your own from scratch. Tealights can be purchased in a lot of shops, and any will do, so long as it is cleansed and intentions are set. The candle doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy, but you can spend the money on certain kinds if you want to. Black or red candles are the most popular among Satanists, and in my experience, these are the colours that Satan likes. I avoid white all together, but if all you are able to find is a white tealight, that will suffice. Preparing a candle can be ritualistic and the process shouldn’t be rushed. Once you have the candle, it should be cleansed and free from any unwanted energy, especially if it was made in a factory and handled by other people. Then, you can set your intentions and follow with dressing the candle.



This could be a ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings that you purchase with the intention that is a devotional piece of jewellery. It does not have to be expensive, but some Satanists choose to invest in good quality items that they are going to wear everyday long-term. The jewellery is consecrated in Satan’s name, and it is worn as a declaration of love, commitment and loyalty. Some pieces can be subtle, like a small pentagram or the initial ‘S’ which is a good option for the Satanists who cannot be open about their practice. If anyone asks who or what the ‘S’ stands for, they could say that is for Sophie, or Sam…



You can find a variety of satanic statues online these days and many Satanists use the popular Baphomet to represent Satan. Etsy have lots of other options, some are made of wood and some metal. You could make your own statue of Satan out of polymer clay which would be quite unique and personal.



Devotional tattoos can be a beautiful offering and a whole ritualistic experience. If you are a tattoo artist or if you can be tattooed by another Satanist, this would be especially powerful. Offering a satanic tattoo to resemble your love and devotion towards Satan should be done intentionally and mindfully. I have several satanic tattoos however I did not make the appointments for them or choose the designs with the intention that they were going to be an offering. I didn’t even consider that I could do that until recently. As like anything you offer Satan, it should be thoughtful and planned with Satan in mind first.



Like tattoos, getting a piercing could be an offering done ritualistically. It is also a far more subtle option for those who cannot display their religion and devotion so openly. You could get a simple ear stud and leave it at that. With a piercing, it must be done intentionally and for the purpose of dedication, rather than aesthetic of looking cool. 


If you are a musician, you could create a musical piece for Satan. You don’t have to sing for it to work, just as you could write a song and sing for Him, without the instrumental to go with it. Personally, I can sing, and I would love to write a song as an offering one day, but I don’t play any instruments. There are many black metal bands who are Theistic Satanists and who sing about Satan, but you don’t have to fit in with this genre.


Painting and Making Art

You don’t have to be skilled in painting but with practice, you can learn the art. You also don’t have to paint or draw the stereotypical satanic imagery, but if that is what you like, go for it. Do not be afraid to use colour, especially around certain seasons. You could create something during the summer solstice that depicts Lucifer and the lighter aspect of Satan. Make sure that when you do paint for Satan, you begin with that intention. Do not paint something because you are bored and then decide halfway through you are going to give it to Satan.


Other Handmade Items

This could really be anything… some examples are pottery pieces, clay statues, an altar cloth, herbal teas that you have foraged and prepared, acrylic pieces and embroidery. If you are a woodworker or crafts person, use your abilities to create something unique. You could make a treasure chest or keepsake box that you can put your promises to Satan in which can be painted and adorned with symbols or sigils. You could make jewellery or a broach if you have those skills. When it comes to handmade items the possibilities are endless. You don’t have to be a very creative person, but if you do have certain skills and talents, use them to make something. Do not be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. I never used to paint, but one day I felt really inspired to try it and so I did. Now it is one of my favourite creative activities, and I’m not the best at it, but there is no pressure to be.



Writing a prayer with the intention that it is an offering for Satan is different to reciting a prayer you find in a book or something you have previously written. Prayers can be of any theme and used at certain times of need, but writing a prayer as an offering is typically used and spoken once. Some Satanists may say that all satanic prayers are an offering and act of worship, which I don’t deny, but I think its important that our intentions are always made clear. For example, I could have a certain prayer that I use every time I rededicate myself to Satan, but each year I also write a new prayer that is relevant to new promises and commitments. Prayers aren’t the only kind of writing that can be given as an offering. You could write a short story or novel, a poem or sonnet. Chants and daily affirmations which can also be used as reminders throughout the day. You could publish academic pieces such as articles, a dissertation or thesis. You could start a blog or write a book of any kind all about Satan, and with the intention that it is an offering and an act of devotion.



Offering your own blood is far more powerful than giving the blood of another. Within it swims your DNA and the very essence of you. Blood is ever binding as it is the mark of your soul and all that makes you who you are. Offering your blood to Satan in ritual with the promise of eternal devotion, forms a connection that cannot be severed. Each time you offer your blood, you are reminding Satan that you are His loyal servant. In my opinion, blood offerings should be reserved for special occasions and events such as dedication and rededication rituals, as well as pact making or setting new commitments. I would like to stress that giving blood is not mandatory and if self-harm has ever been a struggle for you, I encourage you to avoid it. You can however use menstrual blood if that is possible for you, but it must be intentional and done as cleanly as possible. My suggestion is to use a menstrual cup. Please do not squeeze the blood out of a used tampon or sanitary pad… yes, I have heard this being done before. Make sure the blood is fresh and taken from the 1st or 2nd day of your period. Menstrual blood is particularly appealing to the Demons and some practitioners offer it to Lilith too. Keep in mind that this all depends on your relationship with Satan. Menstrual blood is a very intimate bodily fluid which may not be a suitable offering for everyone. In the early days I once offered mine to Satan, but as our relationship has evolved, I have come to learn that Satan is my soul father. Therefore, it is not something I would do again because although He is my god, we have a father-daughter relationship, therefore giving Him my menstrual blood is not appropriate.


When it comes to drawing your own blood, there is a misconception that you must shed gallons of it which just isn’t true. Unfortunately, I have seen occultists who cut themselves several times across their arms when all you need is a tiny drop, like a pin prick amount. Please do not do this, it is not necessary, and you are only hurting yourself which is not what Satan wants from His devotees. Not only that, but it perpetuates the negative stereotype that Satanists are mentally ill, dangerous people who harm themselves and others. You can use a ritual knife to make a small cut on your hand or arm, but make sure the knife is clean and sterile, and that the cut is covered to avoid infection. A ritual knife is the more sustainable option, but you can also buy single use lancets which diabetics use to prick their finger before checking blood sugar levels. This is the safest option if you want to offer your blood essence, but again, you do not have to. It is worth mentioning that some Satanists cannot give their blood at all due to health reasons.


Blood alternatives

Dragons blood ink

Red food colouring

Red sharpie

Fake blood

Red hair dye or permanent colour

Red eyeliner

A red coloured tattoo




If offering blood is not possible for you but you want to give something that carries your DNA, offering your hair is another option but it must be attached to the hair follicle. It is believed by some that our hair holds our spiritual journey, and it can either weigh us down, or lift us up. If you have a Christian past or were affiliated with another religion, cutting your hair short or off completely is a physical and symbolic way to renounce those previous beliefs, while being a gesture of new commitment to Satan. Please make sure that offering your hair is an intentional act. Do not give Satan some tatty hair you have pulled out of a brush or find on your pillow.


Other Bodily Fluids

Some Satanists offer semen and vaginal fluid which is usually incorporated into sex magick and ritual. Personally, this is not something I would ever do but it depends on your relationship with Satan, and what is appropriate.


Nail Clippings

Some Satanists offer finger or toenail clippings which also contain your DNA. This is an option for those who cannot give blood or hair, but again, please be intentional with this. Do not give Satan some random clippings you find on the floor, that would be disgusting. Make sure your nails are clean and free from polish or colour.


Your Time

You do not have to spend money or plan something spectacular. Take a walk somewhere and meditate on what Satan means to you. Be with Him at His altar. Talk to Him about your life and express your gratitude for all He has given you. Visit a sight that is sacred or a place that reminds you of Him. Spend time with Him and may that be your only focus.


Create a Satanic Shrine

This is a designated sacred space which belongs to Satan and only Him. A decorative gift from you to Him. This is especially for those of you who enjoy the material things and like to spend money on fancy statues etc, but you do not have to spend hundreds to make a shrine special. Satan’s presence is what makes this space special. It is a space you craft out of love and consideration which encapsulates all of who He is. I say shrine rather than an altar because altars are working spaces where practical spell work takes place. A shrine is free from human touch as much as possible. The only time that a shrine is touched is when it is being put together, cleaned, reorganised or offerings are placed down, including lighting candles and incense. You can spend as much time by Satan’s shrine as you wish, but if you like to read tarot cards or anything alike, keep it off the shrine itself. This is just my opinion and suggestion, by no means is it a rule. My next article will be all about shrines and altars.


 Satanic Acts of Service

Get involved with your community and offer support to other Satanists. You may even learn that this is part of Satan’s Will for you. Giving your time to educate others on Satanism, offering guidance to newcomers, encouraging Satanists and helping them along their endeavours can be an offering to Satan. Be a counsellor or coach, provide advice and comfort to those who need it, but make sure that this does not financially benefit you. These acts must come from the desire to please and serve Satan. You should not want to profit from other Satanists, especially if they are vulnerable individuals.


Fulfilling Satan’s Will

Every devotee has a purpose, and we all have something to do for Satan. Some of us learn what that is quicker than others, but it does not matter at what age this happens, or how long you have been devoted. It is an honour to have the opportunity in the first place, so just remember that if you are in doubt or struggling to find the answer. Satan’s Will for you could be to educate others, to make a film about Satan, to write books or to pass on His bloodline. If you have any natural abilities or find there is something you enjoy doing, its possible that it could be your purpose. Fulfilling Satan’s Will is not something you offer, because it is your duty as a devotee. Putting in the time and effort into your satanic endeavours is what you can offer. For example, Satan’s Will could be that you take care of animals which are sacred to Him. You may only dedicate one day a month where you volunteer somewhere. Or instead, you could offer the time and effort to make this a daily or weekly occurrence. You could adopt an animal which would be a long-term offering of commitment. You could even set up a non-profit charity or raise money to donate to a goat sanctuary.


Social Media Content

Satanism is not as underground as it once was, and it should not have to be. We should be open and proud to share our religion with the world. You do not have to be an extrovert to make videos or create content about Satan. Talk about Satan and share your experiences. This may even be your purpose, especially if you are a great editor and love the digital world. Lean into that passion and use it to do Satan’s work. You could make YouTube or TikTok videos, Instagram reels, live video streams or even just pictures with a thought-provoking caption. Ask Satan what He would like you to talk on and go from there.


What I have listed above is not all you can offer Satan. There is not a one size fits all. We may not all agree on what is appropriate, but if you listen to Satan and are in tune with what He wants from you, you cannot go wrong.


How often should you give an offering?

There is not a right or wrong answer for this because like with anything else, it depends on your relationship with Satan and what you have promised Him. Generally, devoted Satanists will offer something once a week at the very least. Not everyone has an altar space or total privacy so once a week may not be possible. Some Satanists may have to find a secluded area outdoors or even rent a room somewhere for a night just to have that private space. If you do have a shrine or altar for Satan, and you can spend time there daily, then you can offer Him something every day.


For those of you who like to stay organised and stick to a routine, below is example of what a week of offerings could look like. Always be open to change and listen to Satan. The table I have created here is made with the 9-5 worker and student in mind, assuming the weekend is your free time. If you have a break during the day, there is time for a short prayer or to focus on your purpose. However, please feel free to make changes that suit you and your schedule.


Your spiritual routine does not have to look like this, especially if you do not label yourself as a Religious Satanist.


Special Occasions, Events, Seasons and Satanic Holidays

Some offerings may be reserved for certain occasions and rituals such as blood, hair, other bodily fluid, meat, fasting, expensive alcohol, a solitude retreat and large or complex handmade items.  No gift is too big for Satan so if you want to offer Him something grand every day, then go for it. Some Satanists may be able to afford that, but if you cannot, that is ok, and you should not feel bad about it. We are all in different positions, some are more privileged than others, but no one is better than the other.


What are satanic sacrifices?

There’s a misunderstanding regarding sacrifices and sometimes the term is used interchangeably with offerings. Aside from animal sacrifice, people are often confused about what it means. A sacrifice is different to an offering, but they can go hand in hand. Typically, a sacrifice relates to an act that is difficult for oneself. Couples will often make sacrifices for each other such as quitting a certain habit, moving country or changing behaviour. The same applies to your relationship with Satan. You may feel that Satan wants you to do something that is way outside of your comfort zone, or something that you do not want to do because you know it will be a huge challenge. Satan may want you to go to counselling because that is what you need, or to do a course in a subject you do not find exciting. He may want you to give up a hobby or end a relationship, but doing so would be a sacrifice on your behalf. The satanic path is not easy, in fact it is far from it. All devotes will face difficulties and our loyalty to Satan will be challenged. This is when sacrifices are made, and we often make them without realising they are a sacrifice.


How to store and take care of long-term offerings

Satan’s shrine or altar would be a long-term offering, if not forever. It is important to maintain cleanliness and organisation, especially if you only have one altar space that is shared between your satanic practice and spell work or divination. Its easy for clutter to build up and for mess to birth which is why I suggest having a separate space for your satanic practice, especially if it is a religious one. I understand that this isn’t possible for everyone and some satanists may only have a shoe box as their altar. Whatever you have right now, is enough for where you are on your journey. If you do have a shoe box or a small sized travel altar, when it is not in use make sure it is stored somewhere safe and private. If you have limited space or share a room with another person, you could keep the box under your side of the bed, above your wardrobe or inside a chest of drawers. If you are open about your practice, ask those who you live with not to touch or disturb the box.


Storing food

If you buy a packet of biscuits for Satan and are going to give Him one every morning as part of a daily ritual, keep the biscuits covered and stored correctly, following the directions written on packet. I recommend having a biscuit tin that is reserved for Satan which can be kept near His altar or in the kitchen if you know it will not be touched by others. The same applies to cakes or other baked goods unless they contain dairy products because those should be kept in a fridge. I assume you know how to store food correctly and how to keep things fresh, but as these items belong to Satan, you must take extra care. If you have bought Him some meat, please clean and organise your fridge first. Anything you are going to offer Satan should be treated with respect and taken seriously, you are giving it to your God after all, and any precaution you take to preserve its quality is not too much.


Storing drinks

As with food, drinks should be stored correctly when not being used. You can buy small bottles of alcohol that fill one glass full which is a more practical option for those of you who have limited space. If you do buy a litre or more bottle of wine or other, when not being poured, keep the lid closed and store the bottle in a clean cupboard or fridge.


Long-term candles

Some Satanists have a large dedication candle that is only lit during their rededication ritual so naturally, this candle will last a long time. Personally, I keep mine wrapped up and put away in a drawer near Satan’s shrine.


Other items such as bottles of oil can be stored near His altar but make sure it is kept clean and free from spillage as oil tends to seep out around the closing. Statues, crystals, paintings or other handmade items can stay on Satan’s shrine as they were an offering for Him, unless He does not want them there. Certain things may be removed and stored away, especially if they are seasonal items or are related to a pact that has ran its course. If you painted Him something as a gift for the autumn equinox, you could put it away before the spring arrives, making space for a new seasonal art piece.


Storing offerings of prayers, promises, poems or other written pieces

I recommend that you keep a copy of these for yourself so that you can reflect on the offerings and commitments you have made. In my opinion you should keep the original version for yourself and in your own journal because usually the first attempt of any writing is a mess and mistakes will be made. You can then perfect the final piece and give that version to Satan. This can be folded and sealed, then stored in Satan’s treasure box, if not burnt, but that depends on Satan and His wishes.


How to dispose offerings

Food and drink should not stay on Satan’s altar for longer than 24hrs. When I offer food to Satan, hot food is removed just before it cools completely. I do not enjoy cold food that was meant to be hot, and I would not serve something cold to a guest in my home, so Satan should not be treated any differently. Sometimes I offer Satan a meal that I am also going to eat. I may sit by His altar and take my plate with me, or sometimes I will lay His plate on the dining table beside me. If this is the case, I will remove His plate of food before I take my own away. When I offer cake, biscuits, fruit or other cold foods, I do not leave them on the altar for more than two hours. This is because the texture changes and the foods are no longer fresh. Fruit that is left out also attracts flies and there is no way I would allow that to happen around Satan’s offering. As with drinks, if I serve Satan a hot drink, I will remove it once it has cooled. Cold drinks may stay on the altar longer or for the duration of a ritual. Food and drink offerings should be disposed of respectfully, just as they are handled and stored. Do not just throw them in the bin with the rest of your rubbish. If you can, bury or leave the food outdoors for animals to eat, especially if it is meat or fruit. Please do not put chocolate or sweets outside because they are harmful to animals and the environment. If you are going to put food items in the bin, cover it up first or you could even have a separate small bin for Satan’s food and disposing of offerings. This may be a bit excessive to some people, but I think it is an appropriate option. Drink can be poured outdoors in a designated spot but if this isn’t possible, you can pour the remains down your kitchen sink.


To avoid waste, can you eat and drink the offerings instead?

Some Satanists choose to eat and drink what they have offered to Satan and the Daemons. Personally, I do not, but I understand why some do. Make sure that you have Satan’s permission first, do not assume that the Infernal are going to be happy for you to take what you just gave to them. Many times, I have bought a cake to be shared between Satan and I, but I only eat my slice. I think the sentiment of eating the same meal beside Satan as He accepts His, is quite meaningful.


Finally, to end this article I will share an example of how to give an offering to Satan.

This is just a foundation that you can build upon and change to make your own.


1. Establish the purpose.

Why do you want to give Satan an offering and what are your intentions?


2. Think about what exactly you want to offer…

This could be anything. Food, drink, incense or something handmade.


3. Spend some time with Satan and ask Him if there

is anything that He wants from you.

He may want a certain beverage, He may want you to write a new prayer, or to make a video about a certain topic.


4. Now is the time to either craft yourself or purchase the chosen offering.

 No elaboration should be needed here.

5. Set aside the day and time.

Is there a certain day that Satan has called for? Are you celebrating a holiday or is this a seasonal offering? Think about what is going on around you and plan accordingly.


6. When you have the offering and it is time to give it to Satan,

you can make this as ritualistic as you would like.

If the offering is incense in the morning with a prayer, it may not be as formal as it would be if you were giving blood in the evening along with new promises.


7. Spend some time where you have given the offering.

Do not rush the experience and do not leave without spending time with Satan.

If this is about Him, why wouldn’t you want to spend as much time with Satan as you can? If your offering is part of a larger ritual, or something celebratory, make sure that this is the only thing you have planned on that day and stick to it. Elaborate rituals can take a long time, as can seasonal celebrations and outdoor offerings. Giving incense in the morning before you head out for the day is still a valid and meaningful offering, but if you want to do something complex that requires a lot of planning, make sure it is your only focus for the day.


8. Once the ritual has come to an end, spend some time cleaning and clearing the space – though his does not mean a spiritual cleanse.

Make sure the space is left tidy and free of any clutter from the ritual. If you have given some food, take away the wrappings, packaging or whatever utensils used. Clean away any incense ash or candle wax, and please do not leave any food or drink on Satan’s altar overnight, especially uncovered. Satan’s plate and cup should be washed first with clean water and put away respectfully.


I hope that this is a helpful guide for those of you who haven’t given Satan an offering before. What I share here is of my own opinion and suggestions, but if you don’t agree or feel that something is missing, please follow suit and trust your instincts.

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