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What are my values and beliefs, which are centred around Satanism?


Please remember that these are my beliefs, and what I strive to live by. You do not have to agree with any of them. I am not part of a coven or religious organisation, therefore these are beliefs and values of my own.


1. I believe in Satan. He is my God, and I worship Him freely. I am a Religious Satanist.


2. Satan is my soul father. My biological parents were vessels chosen by Him to carry my body into this world.


3. Satan’s Kingdom is real, and it is where I shall return one day. My home.


4. Satan’s children reincarnate and with each lifetime we are sent with a different purpose. Once we have fulfilled Satan’s Will, finally we will be ready to spend eternity with Him in His Kingdom.


5. I believe in Hell, but not in the Christianised version. I believe that Hell, or Satan’s Kingdom, is a beautiful place where Satan’s children go to be with Him and the Daemons for eternity.


6. Hell is not a place of torment, pain or somewhere to go to be punished. There are no raging fire pits to burn in for all eternity. This is Satan’s Kingdom, and only those who are devoted followers may enter. ‘Evil’ people are not sent to Hell on behalf of Yahweh. Not only is evil a manmade concept based on the Christian agenda, but Yahweh has absolutely no control or power over Satan and His domain.


7. All animals are to be treated with love, respect, and compassion. Goats are sacred animals of Satan, especially the black goat. As are black cats, the raven, snakes, and serpents. I also believe that spiders and tarantulas are a creature of Satan.


8. Human life is of high value. To be given the experience of living on Earth as a human, is something to cherish.


9. Knowing Satan is a privilege. Being part of a religion should be joyful but challenging. Threats of punishment, violence or force of any kind has no place in Satanism.


10. Free Will does not affect prayer unless we are praying on behalf of another without consent. 


11. Satan is not responsible for the evil in the world. Satan is not to blame for when natural disasters occur. He does not monitor and control all aspects of our life. However, He will make things happen for His devotees when asked or when needed. When we have gone off track, He will call us back.


12. Theistic Satanists should stick together, and I think it’s wonderful to have a romantic relationship with someone who shares your religious beliefs, but I don’t think this is always a good thing. Love is powerful, and if you share the same view as your partner, that love is intensified. The problem I find with this is that the love you have for your person, has the potential to take over what you feel towards Satan. Of course, this can still happen if they are not a Satanist. You may come to idolise your partner, especially if they are a satanic priest. Their specific beliefs may become yours, and you may listen to their word over Satan’s. If you have a strong will and set boundaries with each other, it could be a great relationship. You can still practice Satanism together, while keeping things separate. Have your own goals and work on your oaths. This is between you and Satan, not everything needs to be shared just because your partner is a Satanist too. I would absolutely love to have a husband who is devoted to Satan. I think about how we could run a ministry together and offer marriage services to other Theistic Satanists. This is a something you could do as a pair, but it’s important to have something for yourself too. Something that you do for Satan on your own.


Another point with this is that, if both are Satanists, you lose the opportunity of facing certain challenges. Such as, a Satanist may be criticised by their non-Satanist partner for their beliefs and may even be asked to change or give up their practice. This may be tempting to someone who is a beginner in Satanism, someone who hasn’t solidified their relationship with Satan. I believe that in these situations, it is a test from Satan. I understand it’s far more likely for people to change for another person if they aren’t secure within themselves, but this is a perfect opportunity for Satan to test us and our loyalty to Him. Whereas if you are in a satanic relationship, it’s easier to stay a Satanist if the person you love is. Some people may even become a Satanist, just because their partner is, and they want to feel close to them. The point I’m trying to make is that ingenuine decisions can be made and love can blind, distract, and keep you from doing what you’re meant to do. 


13. Taking care of the planet is important. I believe that Satan is the ruler of Earth, and creator of humanity. Taking care of our earthly home and having respect for nature is a basic level of respect. Nature is stronger than the media gives it credit for and it will exist long after humans are gone.


14. I do not have to respect your religious beliefs, and I do not expect you to respect mine. No one owes anyone anything. I have respect for people, and their individual right to practice whichever religious belief they have. Respecting a person, their right to practise religion, and respecting the religion as whole, are different things. You can respect a person and their right to religion, without respecting the religion itself. We all have the right to believe in what we want. Why would I respect a doctrine that only speaks ill of my God?


15. I despise all Abrahamic religions, and every denomination. I don’t care how progressive they claim to be. If your religion idolises Satan’s enemy, then why would I offer it anything positive? However, this does NOT mean I despise the individuals who follow said religion.


16. I avoid friendships with those who practice Abrahamic religions, and this has nothing to do with culture, ethnicity, or anything of the sort. The distance I like to maintain is due to a conflict between gods. This is the same when it comes to political views. If someone is far right, or if they are deep into conspiracy theories, then I can’t hang around that. I wouldn’t be friends with someone who is racist, homophobic, or transphobic. This is because I see no point spending time with people who are the complete opposite to me. Debates are important, and hearing the other side can benefit us all, but having a meaningful relationship with an enemy of Satan would not be possible.


17. I do not participate in Abrahamic holidays. Even though Christmas and Easter have pagan roots, the fact that Christmas and Easter are still associated with Christ, is enough for me to avoid. Christmas was stolen from the Nordic holiday of Yule, or the Winter Solstice. Why celebrate Christmas on the 25th, if you are celebrating the Pagan tradition beforehand? As with Easter which occurs in April. The word Easter comes from the German Goddess Eostre who was celebrated in spring. It makes no sense to me to celebrate Ostara in March, but then still celebrate Easter in April. The week of Good Friday and Easter is known as ‘Holy Week’, and it is revered by Christians all over the world. Why would you want to participate in such a thing? Repeating to me that these holidays have “pagan roots” isn’t an excuse when the timelines don’t match. 


18. I will never attend a Christian service. This includes a wedding, funeral, baptism, or christening regardless of who the pers0n is. This includes family and friends. I am more than happy to celebrate the life of a loved one and their successes, but I can do that outside of a church where Yahweh and his spawn are praised.


19. Similarly, I will decline any invitation to be the ‘god parent’ of a child.


20. I avoid Churches like the plague. Even if it isn’t a working church, or if it is just used as a venue. Many churches these days are used to hold fairs, events, parties, galleries and exhibits which some Satanists may agree to go to. That’s on them, but personally the last thing I want to do is walk around a Christian place of worship, whether it’s a working church or not. At every turn you’ll find a giant crucifix, statue of Mary, and stain glassed window with a nativity scene or something. 


21. Certain occult practices such as Solomonic traditions are disgusting and unethical. I will never use a demonic seal and I think anyone who does, deserves whatever comes at them. Demons are to be respected and honoured. If you perform a Solomonic ritual, you are utilising Christian based traditions. In what world is that honourable?

22. All of Satan's children have a different perspective and experiences. We aren't all going to agree on everything so there is no point arguing and point scoring. 

23. Words are important and I try to be intentional when speaking and engaging in conversation. This means that I pay close attention to how others talk about Satan and the Demons. If someone uses satanic wording in a negative context, I challenge it. This does annoy people sometimes, but I just explain that it isn't a joke to me. Calling someone a demon as an insult, is a direct insult towards the Daemonic. I hate being called pet names such as angel. I hate it when people say "bless you", if I sneeze as the origins of this phrase relate to exorcism and removing demons from someone. This may sound trivial or petty to some, but I don't care for those opinions. If it dishonours Satan, then the choice of language does matter and I will interject. If you feel the need to change certain behaviours because it is Satan's Will, then it always matters. Don't feel embarrassed or like you are annoying for doing so. 

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