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Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions that I am often asked by a mixture of individuals. Some come from curiosity, and some come from a place of confusion or ignorance. I do not speak on behalf of every single Theistic Satanist and what I share here is of my own opinions and experience. 


1. Do you believe in the Christian Devil Satan?

Yes, in a way. I believe that the Christianised version of Satan is an egregore. A spirit form born by many years of religious terrorism, teachings and conditioning. Christian beliefs have governed much of our history and still today, control and manipulate the minds of society. Even those who deny religion and call themselves atheists, subscribe to the relentless teachings of Christ, and they don’t even know it. As a collective we have a certain idea of what or who the Devil is. We are taught that the Devil is the embodiment of all Evil, and who drives people to fulfil heinous acts. The Devil is used as a scapegoat time and time again when bad things happen, and the media thrives on this narrative. An egregore starts as a simple thought, which is then shared among a community, which becomes a belief system. An egregore is a thoughtform conjured and believed in by so many, that it becomes an energetic force and entity. This is what has happened with the Christian version of Satan, or the Devil. From a young age we are taught that Satan is evil, and that He is responsible for all the wrong in the world. Christians created this egregoric evil entity with the hope to control and indoctrinate the masses, and of course, society went along with the delusion. Satan is so much more, and far more powerful than this Christian creation. Still, this Christianised version of Satan is real. The Christian Devil lingers around those who fear Him, and He infiltrates the minds of those who seek to banish Him. He contaminates the wine they believe to be the blood of Christ. He scatters sulphur across the bread they believe to be the body of their god. I believe that the Christian Devil is an entity which lives among and within all human beings. The Satan I know as my God, is the one and only true Devil, and the most beloved. Satan has many faces and aspects which will either excite you or frighten you. You can choose to be like the Christians and fear Him, or you can let the Devil in… one cannot truly accept Satan unless they accept all His facets.


2. Do you celebrate Christmas with your family?

No. At least not anymore. I gave up the excuse that Christmas was just a happy holiday or tradition that everyone does… let’s not ignore the fact the name of our Gods enemy, is in the title of such holiday. I celebrate Saturnalia which is a weeklong holiday starting on December 17th which coincides with my birthday.


3. Is animal sacrifice part of Satanism?

In my opinion, definitely not and I detest anyone who practices it in our modern world. 


4. Is human sacrifice part of Satanism?

Killing anything in the Devils’ name isn’t a common thing despite what you see in the media… although if I had to choose, I would rather it be a human over an animal. An animal has no idea what is going on and they cannot consent. I believe human sacrifice makes far more sense, so long as it is of the persons choice. Our ancestors of many traditions gave their lives in ritual as an offering to whichever God they worshipped. This was done as a symbol of ultimate devotion and loyalty which I think is beautiful however, they also had very little else to offer. We aren’t living in medieval times anymore, but in short, no.


5. Do Satanists hate other people / are they anti-social?

This is another common misconception that Satanists are anti-human and just hate everyone which I believe stems from certain sub genres of black metal. I say this is a misconception because it is true many Satanists are compassionate, loving and vibrant people with extroverted personalities, however, many others are not. I don’t think there is anything wrong with being either way, so long as you aren’t infringing upon the human rights of others. I admit that I am somewhere in between, but some days I fall on one end of the spectrum more than the other… it depends on my overall mood or if you annoy me. I have far more patience for children and people I know to be vulnerable.


6. Why do Satanists and Christians argue so much / do they really hate each other?

The misunderstanding here is that Satanists hate Christianity as a whole religion, rather than the Christians as individual people. Christians cannot separate themselves from their religion and so they take everything personal. I am generalising but this is what I have always experienced as a Satanist. Personally, I don’t take issue with a Christian, or anyone of any Abrahamic religion. Unless they speak ill of Satan or the Demons by my ear, that is when I will enter the chat and take issue. I don’t go out of my way to speak about the Christian god or preach Satanic teachings to others on street corners. I believe everyone has the right to follow a religion of their choice, but if I witness you offending Satan, that is something I hate and will meet with conflict.


7. Why do Satanists use the inverted cross in Satanism when it is a Christian symbol?

Not all Satanists use this symbol in their practice but many of us do. Personally I like to use the inverted cross because it was one of the first symbols that Satan used to call me towards Him. I also like to use it in blasphemous rituals, but only if it has jesus christ on the crucifix. Many christians like to argue that is is st.peters cross, therefore it is not Satanic. I completely disagree because I have not encountered a single christian or catholic person who wears this symbol. In fact, many catholics reject the inverted cross as a catholic symbol because it is strongly associated with Satanism. 


8. What do you believe about the afterlife?

Satan’s chosen ones will either reincarnate to complete their work for Satan, or their human life cycle shall end and they will return to the Kingdom of Hell. In Hell they will be with Satan, the Demons and all over devotees who have passed. I believe that the Christians will go to their heaven to be with their god, and Muslims will join theirs. All others such as agnostics and atheists shall go to purgatory where their spirit and soul is to rest.


9. Do rapists and murderers go to Hell to be tortured?

The answer to this isn’t black and white, and it isn’t something I can say for certain of course because I am not the one who decides. Some Devil Worshippers believe that anyone who dishonours or betrays Satan is sent to a torturous circle in Hell as punishment. Some believe they go to a liminal space of purgatory. I believe that if you rape someone, you will face some consequence in the afterlife if you didn’t take responsibility as a human. The Christian god does not have the power or authority to send anyone to Hell to be punished. If anyone goes to Hell, that is of Satan’s demand.


10. Would Satanists get married in a church or have a Christian funeral?

I and other Satanists have been asked this believe it or not which is mind boggling to me. I can’t imagine that the same people will ask a Christian if they’d ever get married in a satanic place of worship. Of course, the answer is no - we would not, and many of us avoid churches completely. Not because we are frightened of them or because we will burn at the sight of a cross, but because we find the Christian god to be sickening and we hate his teachings that speak ill of Satan. 


11. Do you have to work with Daemons to be a Theistic Satanist?

This could be a yes or a no to some people, it depends on what satanic practice and belief system you have. Some Spiritual Satanists who don’t subscribe to a religious practice may decide to work with the Demons on a magickal and exchange basis. Religious Satanists or Devil Worshippers have a worship and devotional based practice, so rather than working with a Daemon for personal gain, they will honour them as they do with Satan.


12. What happens if you leave Theistic Satanism?

We all have free will and so we can decide to leave or let go of the practice if that is what we want… however, if you have dedicated yourself to Satan and promised Him your eternal devotion, then that is something which cannot be undone. Anyone who promises their life to serve Satan, swears an oath, signs a pact or contract, cannot just end the relationship and get away without fulfilling their duties. Many people will explore Theistic Satanism and spend time finding out if this path is the right one for them before they dedicate themselves to Satan. It is recommended that you spend at least one year studying, learning and spending time getting to know Satan before you even consider any formal commitment ritual. Once that first year has passed, I suggest making a promise to Satan that you will honour Him for another year. Dedicating yourself to Satan is a very serious decision and should not be done on a whim.


13. Do Theistic Satanists have to practice magick or witchcraft?

No, but many do. Personally, I believe that your devotion to Satan should come first.


14. Should Satanists only have intimate relationships with other Satanists?

Personally, I don’t think so. As long as Satan remains your priority and you aren’t dating someone who’s affiliated with an Abrahamic religion, then be romantic with anyone you please. Being around people who have differing beliefs to you can be very healthy, rather than living in an echo chamber.


15. Are Satanists Anti-Semitic?

Absolutely not. Unfortunately, this is a common misconception which stems from certain sub genres of black metal and some ideologies that certain satanic groups have shared online. Religious Satanism, Devil Worship and Anti-Cosmic Satanism IS anti-Abrahamic religion, often confused with Antisemitism. We don’t hate Jewish people. We hate the teachings and the religious beliefs that people are entangled with. Human beings and their chosen religion are very much separate, which is usually misunderstood. Christianity, Catholicism, Islam and Judaism, all speak ill of Satan. These religions seek to desolate Him and tarnish His name. Why would any devoted Satanist respect such a plan?


16. Do you have to dedicate yourself to Satan to be a Theistic Satanist?

No. Technically Christians are Theistic Satanists because they believe Satan is a real entity which is the first belief a Theistic Satanist must have. Dedicating yourself to Satan is typically done by Devil Worshippers and Religious Satanists, those of us who have a strict and devout practice. Spiritual Satanists or those who work with other gods and goddesses outside the Infernal, are less likely to dedicate themselves to serve Satan. Usually the Satanists who are religious, vow to only follow Satan and His Demons. It’s also possible to have a pact with Satan without having made a formal dedication. Satan may choose to work with someone temporarily if it benefits Him. Someone may have a particular skill He wishes to utilise, though He may not be interested in the person long-term. 

More questions and answers will be added here over time.

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