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Anti-cosmic Satanism

This is a practice less known about and there isn’t a great deal of information readily available, so I'll admit that I don't know a great deal, but this path does fasinate me.


Anti-cosmic Satanism was found between the 1980’s and 1990’s by the UK and Scandinavian black metal scene. From what I can gather, Anti-cosmic Satanism revolves around the belief that Satan is the embodiment of chaos, and all chaos gods. Essentially, He is viewed as chaos itself and the dimension of destruction. Satan is seen as the source of true knowledge, and a god who can free you from existential pain, misery and dread. It’s common for Anti-cosmic Satanists to believe that showing mercy towards others is a sign of weakness, especially if the other is an enemy. Feeling hatred towards enemies is encouraged and respected. It’s possible that this ideology was drawn from LaVeyans satanic commandments, being this one in particular;

“If someone bothers you, ask them to stop. If they do not, destroy them”.

Anti-cosmic Satanists would probably have a little less understanding than this though because their belief system embraces war, for the sake of war. Anti-cosmic Satanism strives to break free from morality and human constructs, to destroy the gods of cosmic light. It is believed that humans were created to live a miserable life of servitude towards the gods of light such as Yahweh, and that Satan offers an escape from such shackles. In Anti-cosmic Satanism, they focus on the Babylonian god Marduk, who was a king of gods presiding over compassion, healing and justice.


Anti-cosmic Satanism doesn’t practice worship in the same way that a religious Satanist does as the belief systems are quite different. It is a theistic view of Satan, where chaos gods are looked up to, to learn from, and then embody the energy of. The goal is to break free from this human realm and so death is often romanticised. Some Satanic bands such as Dissection and original members of Mayhem practiced Anti-cosmic Satanism and suicide was often discussed and later executed. Personally, I don't think this particular path is a great representation of who Satan is because I believe that Satan wants us to live. Whether I agree with this path or not, it is still a practice and under the theistic Satanism umbrella.


The anti-cosmic gods include Satan, Molock, Beelzebub, Lucifuge, Lilith, Baal and Belphegor. Satan is the leader of all anti-cosmic gods as He was born from the depths of chaos itself. Together they strive to tear the universe apart and to become an empty void. Generally, Anti-cosmic Satanists believe that the things considered to be ‘sins’ in Christianity, are what lead us to true happiness. Only the weak and inferior bow to social norms and submit to constraints. They believe that war and destruction is necessary and beautiful, while living in this cosmic universe is a painful and wretched experience, but that it was designed by Marduk to be so. 

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