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Infernal Greetings,

My name is Amethyst, the writer behind


and creator of Black Flame Crafts.

Three years ago I dedicated my life to Satan and with that,

made an oath to fulfil Satan's Will on Earth.

I have been a practising witch for several years, previous

but my devotion to Satan comes first. Very rarely do I

combine my magickal practice and religion.

I've been asked before if I offer certain occult services such as pact making or general spell work

with Daemons on behalf of others, and the answer will always be no. I believe we are all responsible for our own actions, and we have the power as individuals to manifest the reality we want to forge. I do understand that this is harder for some more than others, and if you have a disability, there is no shame in needing the help of another witch or Satanist. There is power and sacredness in coming together as a satanic community to help one another,  but in my eyes, this should have no price. Putting this website together to share Satan's essence, is one of things I promised to do. This website will never charge you a fee and there will never be a membership for personal monetary gain. I believe as devotees we should all have some access to religious sources that does not cost. I have much more to do for Satan in this lifetime. I am full of excitement

and passion to manifest His Will. 

I am 29 and I live in England. My birth chart includes Sagittarius, Taurus, and Pisces. I wish to live in the countryside, surrounded by trees and a plot of land home to many goats. I want to spend my time doing what I love most which is honouring Satan, writing about Him, and indulging in all things dark. I am a Religious Satanist who embraces the label 'Devil Worshipper'.

I would love to have a temple of some kind, where Satanists can meet to pray and worship Satan. Satanism may be viewed as an alternative religion by society, but devotees of Satan are not exempt from wanting their own place of worship. I plan to write a few books in the future, one of which is in the works. On this website you will find book reviews and recommendations on Satanism, and I will keep you updated here regarding the process of my book(s). 

I am often asked what do I enjoy that doesn't involve Satan or Satanism, but honestly, my whole life revolves around Satan and my devotion to Him, so it is almost impossible to provide a wanted answer. I am an eclectic person with lots of interests and passions. I love horror films just as much as I love the unbearable reality TV and drama soaps. Sometimes I go to the cinema alone to watch whichever scary movie is out. I adore metal music but especially black metal and my favourite band is Dark Funeral. I love all animals, insects, creatures, and 'ugly' parts of nature. I often spend time in solitude as I'm more of an introverted person, though I care deeply for those closest to me. I'm a huge foodie. I love trying new drinks which could be alcoholic, warm and festive beverages, healthy juices or smoothies. One thing I love to do is prepare Satan a cup of tea, and drink my own beside His altar... usually involving fancy biscuits. 

I think many people are curious about the life of a Satanist because of all the negative things you see online and in the media. I've been told that I look or sound "very normal" or that I am "really sweet" for being a Satanist. Satanists are just people, but we are often treated like the outcast in society. In a way this does make sense, considering Satan has always been viewed as such. I can only blame the media for this, and the Christian propaganda that everyone is spoon fed since the day they leave the womb. I hope that if you aren't a Satanist reading this, that I can enlighten you to the truth of what we believe, and who we are. I don't care to convert you, that will never be my mission as Satan does not need a mediator. I wish to educate people on what Satanism and Devil Worship really is, because we aren't inherently bad people, nor are all Satanists are atheists. I want the world to know that Satan isn't to blame for all the evil in the world. Humans are responsible for what defines good and evil. My love for Satan will never be quiet, and I will continue to do the Devil's Work on earth. 

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