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Dear Lord Satan.

My eternal father of the great and darkened abyss.

May this online space serve as a testimony and

demonstrate my adoration for you.

I hope to inspire and encourage others who share my satanic blood.

Dearest brothers and sisters of the dark.

I wish for this website to bring you comfort when needed,

and to spark motivation to fulfil Satan’s Will.

This is only the beginning of what I hope to offer our Father Satan.

I exist to do the Devils work,

I am Satan’s servant on Earth.

May my vessel remain on this plane until I have done all that He wishes.

His Will shall forever be mine.

So, it is done.







⛧ ⛧ ⛧ ⛧ ⛧ ⛧

monthly art discussion

I wanted to share how and why I came up with the logo of Serving The Black Flame. This art piece was designed by a talented family member who creates digital art as a hobby. They have designed several pieces for me over the past year and not once have they pushed away from my requests. It means a lot to me that my beliefs and passions can be shared with those around me, without feeling judged or persecuted. Though I know this isn't the case for every Theistic Satanist, sadly. 

We all envision Satan differently. When I was young, He appeared as a black and crooked shadow. Sometimes He would physically manifest as a cat. Before and after I dedicated my life to Satan, He appeared as a large standing goat with a dark grey and black feathered coat, wearing a black or red robe. A beautiful pendant hangs from His neck, and a belt with the Key to Hell clings to His waist. He has eyes of the sun, a mix of glowing orange, yellow and red. Grand and impressive blackened horns that reign above His head. To me, He embodies elegance and power, so effortlessly.


I wanted the logo of Serving The Black Flame to reflect that. Satan is the most magnificent and thought provoking manifestation of art I have ever seen. I love Him, and all of His appearances, to no end. 


Created by Nick Coote
You can see his art on Instagram -



One of the first books I bought on the subject of Theistic Satanism, was the Spiritual Satanist Prayer Book - Infernal Reflections, by Venus Satanas. It is a pocket size book which was designed to be a travel friendly resource, if not something subtle for those who need their satanic literature to be easily concealed...

I adore this creation for many reasons and would recommend it to anyone, regardless if they are a beginner to Satanism, or a well seasoned devotee. The prayers within are short but sweet, making them easy to memorise and recite as you go about your day. As well as prayers to Satan, Venus has provided prayers for other Infernal beings, which I think are perfect for those who are new to demonolatry. Infernal Reflections also includes some helpful tips on how to pray and what the purpose of it is

I think every Satanist should have this book because it truly is a comfort to have, and it makes the perfect travel companion. I would love to see Venus produce another satanic book in the future, but for now we can keep up with her work online. Venus does have her own satanic website which you can visit here - 

August update on my satanic shop

Finally I have a date to reopen BLACK FLAME CRAFTS!


Yes, that is tomorrow!

Along with a new blog post, you can visit my Esty store once more. 

This is a launch of jewellery pieces but of a limited amount. I plan to move over to Shopify before Halloween which is going to take some planning. As always, the products will be affordable and made in devotion to Satan.

latest article



If you would like to know what offerings can be given to Satan, how and why to give offerings, plus much more -

click here to read full article.

latest blog post




Satanic Misconception of the Month

'Satanist's practice witchcraft'

I have been asked several times if you must practice witchcraft in order to be a Satanist... people are often surprised to find out that no, you do not. Satanism and witchcraft do usually go hand in hand however, it isn't something you must do to be a valid devotee. Satanism is a religion, regardless of the sect or belief system the individual Satanist has. Witchcraft is a secular practice that can be made religious, if the witch worships a deity and that deity agrees to be a part of magickal practice. Witchcraft may be a spiritual practice, but that doesn't mean all spiritual beings want to be a part of it. It's important to ask and consider the deity we worship instead of making assumptions. 

Personally, my religion and devotion to Satan come first. Witchcraft is secondary, and I very rarely intertwine the two. If I ever do spell work with the Infernal, it it because a certain Demon has wanted to work with me. I have never done a spell with Satan or asked Him to participate in my magick because for our relationship, it just isn't appropriate. If there is something I am struggling with and I really need Satan's support, I will go to His altar and pray. If there is something I want to change in my life, and I feel the need to use magick, I will do it on my own. Satan encourages autonomy and empowerment within His devotees. He wants us to learn how we can change our lives for the better, on our own. This way we build resilience and in turn, we do not rely on Him to solve our problems.

Satanism is an individual path and no one can dictate to you what you should be doing. If you want to practice witchcraft alongside it, then do it. If you don't want to practice witchcraft, then don't. It really is that simple. Learning about divination methods can really benefit your relationship with Satan because it will open you up to new ways of communication and receiving messages from Him. Learning about how to ground, visualise, manipulate energy and cast spells can also benefit the relationship and your spiritual practice overall. If you are a practicing witch, and if you have dedicated yourself to serve Satan as your God, the only thing I would say is to be mindful. Satan should be your priority. Don't neglect your religious practice because of magickal pursuits. 

YouTube & TikTok 

I have taken a break from posting satanic content on either of these platforms. 

I will be back on both mid-end of September.
Writing for Serving The Black Flame, and reopening Black Flame Crafts are my current projects of focus.

If you have any questions you wish to be featured on my FAQ page, or if you would like to submit your testimony,
please send me a message here... 

Satanic Blessings

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